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Round 2 Feature Match: Erik Goodwin versus Vincent Barbeito

May 11th, 2013

Erik Goodwin is here from Philadelphia, PA. He’s packing a Gadget Deck using Tin Goldfish and Double Summon, which is quickly becoming the standard way to use Gadgets. He’s up against Vincent Barbeito, from nearby Edison, NJ. He brought a Deck that’s seemingly impervious to the Forbidden & Limited List: Wind-Ups! Both Duelists are using mechanical toys, but only one can walk away the victor!

Duel 1

Goodwin began with Starlight Road, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole, Red Gadget, and Double Summon. He played Red Gadget to add Green Gadget to his hand, then Double Summon let him play Green as well. He added Yellow Gadget to his hand and Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X, adding Tin Goldfish to his hand. He Set all of his traps to end.

Barbeito Set five cards to his own back row, and passed.

Goodwin drew Pot of Avarice. He used Gear Gigant X’s effect, and added Machina Gearframe to his hand. He played it, adding Machina Fortress. Gearframe and Gear Gigant X attacked, dropping Barbeito to 3900. Goodwin equipped Gearframe to Gear Gigant X and passed.

Barbeito Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit.

Goodwin drew Dimensional Prison. He Special Summoned Gearframe from his Spell & Trap Card Zone, prompting Barbeito to use Torrential Tribute, but Goodwin flipped his Starlight Road. Goodwin Special Summoned Stardust Dragon, then followed up with Tin Goldfish. Barbeito negated Goldfish with Breakthrough Skill, but Goodwin continued on, stacking Tin Goldfish with Gearframe for Diamond Dire Wolf. It targeted itself and a card in Barbeito’s back row, which was Chained: Mystical Space Typhoon, which destroyed Goodwin’s Torrential Tribute. Goodwin discarded Yellow Gadget and Fortress to Special Summon the Fortress. Fortress, Gear Gigant X, and Stardust Dragon attacked, and Barbeito wouldn’t live another turn!

Erik Goodwin

Erik Goodwin takes the first Duel with a constant flow of monsters, backed by Starlight Road!

Duel 2

Barbeito led off this time with Tour Guide From the Underworld. He got another Tour Guide, using them for Wind-Up Zenmaines in defense position. He Set two back row cards.

Goodwin had Heavy Storm, Double Summon, Forbidden Lance, Dust Tornado, Red Gadget, and Green Gadget. First, Storm blew away Compulsory Evacuation Device and Breakthrough Skill. Next, Red Gadget added Yellow Gadget to Goodwin’s hand. He played Double Summon, then Yellow Gadget searched out a Green Gadget. He stacked Red and Yellow for Gear Gigant X, which searched out Tin Goldfish. He Set Dust Tornado and Forbidden Lance.

Barbeito played Dark Hole! Gear Gigant X was destroyed, and Zenmaines detached a material. He attacked directly with it, then Set a card. In the End Phase, Zenmaines tried to destroy Dust Tornado, but it was Chained to destroy Barbeito’s Torrential Tribute.

Goodwin drew Snowman Eater. He played Tin Goldfish and Special Summoned Green Gadget. That gave him Red Gadget, and he Xyz Summoned Number 50: Blackship of Corn! Its effect sent Zenmaines to the Graveyard and dealt 1000 damage.

Barbeito Set a card in each zone.

Goodwin drew Maxx “C”. Blackship of Corn destroyed Wind-Up Rat in battle, and Goodwin Set Snowman Eater.

Barbeito played Wind-Up Factory and Wind-Up Rat! Rat targeted the other Rat, and Goodwin Chained Maxx “C” to draw Mirror Force. Factory added Wind-Up Shark to Barbeito’s hand. Barbeito Xyz Summoned Temtempo the Percussion Djinn, and detached a material to take Blackship of Corn’s last material away. Goodwin drew Double Summon with Maxx “C”. Temtempo attacked Snowman Eater, and both monsters were destroyed.

Vincent Barbeito

Goodwin drew Red Gadget. He played Green Gadget, and Barbeito negated it with Breakthrough Skill. Goodwin simply used Double Summon to play Red Gadget next, and searched out Yellow Gadget . Both Gadgets and Blackship of Corn attacked, dropping Barbeito to 2200 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Goodwin Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X, and searched out Tin Goldfish. He Set Mirror Force to finish.

Barbeito played Wind-Up Magician! He Special Summoned the Wind-Up Shark in his hand, and Magician Special Summoned Wind-Up Warrior from the Deck while Factory added another Shark to his hand. He used Warrior to make Magician Level 5, then Shark became Level 5. He stacked them for Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh, which targeted Goodwin’s two back row cards. He Chained Forbidden Lance to weaken Zenmaioh, and Mirror Force was also destroyed. Unable to win any battles with Zenmaioh now, Barbeito passed.

Goodwin drew Dark Hole, and used Gear Gigant X to search out Yellow Gadget . He played Dark Hole to wipe the field, then played Tin Goldfish. It Special Summoned Yellow Gadget , that searched out Green Gadget. Goodwin Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia, and attacked for the win!

Erik Goodwin is victorious with the all-new version of the Gadget Deck!