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Round 5 Feature Match: Noah Yahney versus Ankit Shaw

May 11th, 2013

Welcome to Round 5! We’re here with YCS first-timer Noah Yahney. We talked to Noah earlier, and he was very excited about his prospects with his Hieratic Deck. He’s up against Ankit Shaw, another New York Duelist, who’s packing Mermails. After Long Dao’s success in YCS Lille using 53 (!!!) cards in his Main Deck, it’s become quite mainstream to use a large Deck size. Shaw has hopped on the trend, using 50 cards today.

Duel 1

Yahney started off with Night Beam, Tragoedia, Pot of Duality, Hieratic Dragon of Su, and 2 Hieratic Dragons of Nebthet. Duality revealed Hieratic Dragon of Eset, Luster Dragon #2, and Genex Ally Birdman. He took Eset and passed.

Shaw Set a card to each zone.

Yahney drew Genex Ally Birdman. Night Beam wiped out Shaw’s Torrential Tribute, and Yahney played Eset. He Tributed it to Special Summon Nebthet, and Eset’s effect Special Summoned Wattaildragon from the Deck. With Nebthet’s effect, he Tributed the Nebthet in his hand to destroy Shaw’s Mermail Abysslinde. Abysslinde Special Summoned Mermail Abyssmegalo, and Nebthet Special Summoned Luster Dragon #2. Yahney stacked his Normal Monsters for Hieratic Dragon King of Atum, and used its effect to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his Deck. Red-Eyes revived Eset, then Yahney returned Red-Eyes to his hand for Birdman. He banished Atum to Special Summon Red-Eyes again, and revived Wattaildragon. He used Eset’s effect to make all Hieratics Level 6, then stacked Nebthet and Wattaildragon for another Atum. He used Atum to bring Curse of Dragon to the field. He used Birdman and Curse of Dragon for Stardust Dragon. He Tributed Eset to Special Summon Su from his hand, and Eset brought Wattaildragon back. He stacked Su and Wattaildragon for Photon Strike Bounzer, then upgraded Atum into Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger! He finally entered his Battle Phase. With his four monsters, the weakest of which having 2500 ATK, he easily wiped out Shaw’s Life Points!

Noah Yahney wins the first Duel in a mere two turns! Shaw would have to pull out all the stops to win two in a row now.

Ankit Shaw

Duel 2

Shaw started with Genex Undine. He sent Atlantean Dragoons to his Graveyard, then added Genex Controller and Atlantean Heavy Infantry to his hand. He Set one card to his back row.

Yahney opened with Dimensional Fissure, Eset, Su, Tragoedia, Reckless Greed, and Monster Reborn. He Set Reckless Greed.

Shaw played Genex Controller. He attacked with Undine, and Yahney played out his Tragoedia in defense position. In Main Phase 2, Shaw used Heavy Infantry and Dragoons to Special Summon Abyssmegalo from his hand. With his three effects, he destroyed Tragoedia, then added Abyss-sphere and another Heavy Infantry to his hand. He tuned Genex Controller to Undine for Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier, which returned Abyssmegalo to Shaw’s hand. Shaw Set two more cards to his back row to finish.

Yahney drew Cardcar D. He flipped Reckless Greed to draw Birdman and Night Beam. He hit Abyss-sphere with Night Beam, then played Eset. He Tributed that for Su, and Eset’s effect Special Summoned Wattaildragon. Monster Reborn revived Eset, then Yahney played Dimensional Fissure (From here on, remember two things. First, Hieratics don’t have to go to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Normal Monster. Second, Xyz Materials are not considered Monster Cards, and will go to the Graveyard while Dimensional Fissure is in play. These two factors enable all of the plays you are about to read).

Noah Yahney

He Tributed Eset for Su’s effect, but the targeted Fiendish Chain negated Su. The Tributed Eset Special Summoned Luster Dragon #2, and Yahney Xyz Summoned Hieratic Dragon King of Atum with his Normal Monsters. Atum Special Summoned another Su. He used the new Su to Tribute the old Su, destroying Mirror Force. Su Special Summoned Wattaildragon. He stacked Wattaildragon and Su for another Atum, which Special Summoned Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. He retuned Wattaildragon to play with Red-Eyes, then bounced Red-Eyes for Birdman. He banished Atum to Special Summon Red-Eyes, which revived Su. He stacked Wattaildragon and Su for his third Atum, which Special Summoned Nebthet. Yahney tuned Birdman to Nebthet for Stardust Dragon. Finally, he upgraded both of his Atums into Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger! Stardust Dragon wiped out Dewloren, and the rest of Yahney’s dragons took the Match!

all them dargons

Noah Yahney takes a decisive victory with Hieratics!