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Round 8: Patrick Hoban versus Jesse Kotton

May 12th, 2013

Patrick is known well on the tournament scene, and made the trip here from Atlanta, GA. He’s using Infernities today. The Infernity strategy received an amazing gift with the arrival of Lavalval Chain, with the Deck now able to load its Graveyard with ease. For slower paced opponents, he switches his Deck up using Side Decked Infernity Randomizers and control cards like Offerings to the Doomed! He’s facing off against Toronto’s Jesse Kotton, using a Mermail Deck for today’s competition. Both Duelists are undefeated, but only one can remain that way!

Duel 1

Kotton started with a Set card in each zone.

Hoban began with One for One, Trap Stun, Pot of Duality, Infernity Archfiend, Infernity Necromancer, and Summoner Monk. He played Monk and discarded Pot of Duality to Special Summon Armageddon Knight from his Deck. Its effect sent Stygian Street Patrol to the Graveyard. Hoban discarded Necromancer for One for One, and Special Summoned Infernity Mirage. He Set Trap Stun, then used Street Patrol to Special Summon Archfiend from his hand. He searched out Infernity Launcher and played it. Next, he stacked Armageddon Knight and Archfiend for Lavalval Chain. He detached Archfiend to send Infernity Avenger to the Graveyard. Mirage Tributed itself for Archfiend and Necromancer, and Hoban searched out Infernity Barrier and Set it. He revived Avenger with Necromancer, and Synchro Summoned Hundred Eyes Dragon. He had it copy Mirage, and revived Archfiend and Necromancer. He got another Barrier and Set it. Necromancer revived Avenger, and Hoban Synchro Summoned Void Ogre Dragon! He sent Launcher to the Graveyard to revive Necromancer and Archfiend, getting his third Barrier. He Set it, then stacked Summoner Monk and Archfiend for Abyss Dweller. He detached Archfiend, then revived it with Necromancer to search out Infernity Break. At this point, Kotton decided he’d had enough, and conceded! He knew he had no way past Void Ogre, Break, and triple Barrier.

Pat Hoban is pleased with this turn of events

Patrick Hoban takes the first Duel on his first turn, using a massive Infernity combo to prepare an unbreakable field! “I don’t Side in Randomizers for Mermails… You’ll have to feature me again!” Alas, we wouldn’t be seeing his other strategy in this Feature Match.

Duel 2

Kotton Set a card to each zone, just like last Duel.

Hoban had Card Destruction, Dimensional Prison, One for One, Infernity Necromancer, Summoner Monk, and Stygian Street Patrol. He played Monk and used its effect, discarding Card Destruction. He Special Summoned Dark Grepher, which discarded Street Patrol for its effect. Hoban sent Archfiend to the Graveyard. He stacked Grepher and Monk for Diamond Dire Wolf. He had it target itself and Kotton’s Dust Tornado, destroying both. Hoban discarded Necromancer for One for One, getting Mirage to the field. Hoban Set Dimensional Prison, then Mirage traded itself in for Necromancer and Archfiend. Hoban searched out another Archfiend. Next, he banished Street Patrol to Special Summon it, and he added Launcher to his hand. He stacked the Archfiends for Lavalval Chain, sending Avenger to the Graveyard for its effect. Launcher revived Archfiend and Avenger, and Archfiend searched out Barrier. Hoban Set it and Synchro Summoned Hundred Eyes Dragon, which copied Mirage to Special Summon Necromancer and Archfiend. He got another Barrier and Set it. Necromancer revived Avenger, another Hundred Eyes came out, and it copied Necromancer. Hundred Eyes revived Archfiend, getting the third Barrier. Hoban finally passed after he Set that too.

Jesse Kotton is less than thrilled at this point

Kotton played Dragoons, then flipped up Mermail Abysslinde. He attacked with Dragoons, crashing it into Archfiend. Hoban allowed it, and Special Summoned Avenger from his Graveyard. Abysslinde attacked, and it was banished by Dimensional Prison. Kotton threw his hands up in defeat.

Hoban drew another Dimensional Prison. He used Lavalval Chain to put Necromancer in the Graveyard, then copied it with Hundred Eyes. It revived Archfiend. Hoban tuned the Level 4 Avenger to Archfiend for Void Ogre Dragon. Hoban attacked with everything, and Kotton’s Tragoedia was no use thanks to Barrier!

Patrick Hoban is victorious with Infernity, taking the entire Match in a mere three total turns!