Top 16 Pairings

May 12th, 2013

We’re down to 16 Duelists. Here are your remaining matchups!

Table 1: Galo Guillermo Orbea Davila (Fire Fist) vs. Justin Diaz (Wind-Up)
Table 2: Christian Georges (Mermail) vs. Jeremy MacWan (Inzektor)
Table 3: Tariq Williams (Mermail) vs. Rodney Willimas (Mermail)
Table 4: Ray Bauzon (Fire Fist) vs. James Guerrero (Mermail)
Table 5: Willian Fernandes (Fire Fist) vs. Ali Yassine (Mermail)
Table 6: Satoshi Kato (Infernity) vs. Andrew Fredella (Mermail)
Table 7: Marcus Hale (Mermail) vs. David Nguyen (HERO)
Table 8: Tyree Tinsley (Mermail) vs. Sean Montague (Fire Fist)

That leaves us with:

8 Mermail
4 Fire Fist
1 Wind-Up
1 Inzektor
1 Infernity

Top 16 Matches are about to begin, and only eight of these Duelists will remain!