YCS First-Timers

May 11th, 2013

We’re here with a few of today’s Duelists, who are attending their first YCS event!

First up is ten-year-old James Easley, who came from Philadelphia, PA, with his dad. He likes the event so far, noting that there were a lot of good Duelists here. “What’s not to like about a YCS?” he quipped. “It’s like a Regional, but double!” Little did he know, we have far more than double the standard Regional Qualifier attendance here today! Here’s James with his favorite card, Blade Armor Ninja!

James Easley

Tristin Moody is here with his group of friends, including James Easley and his dad. He’s twenty-two, and here from South Jersey. He noticed that the event was getting a huge turnout, and couldn’t wait for it to begin. “It’s gonna be the bomb! It’s not like Regionals, Regionals look like a local tournament compared to this.” Here’s Tristin with his favorite card out of his Pandemonium Deck, Dark Ruler Ha Des!

Tristin Moody

Thirteen-year-old Noah Yahney made the trip from Long Island, NY. He thought the event was pretty cool so far. “It’s big. Really big. Bigger than I expected.” He was having a great time, and looking forward to making it to Day 2 with his Hieratic Deck. Here’s Noah with top pick, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!

Noah Wahney

Good luck to our first-timers, and all of our competitors here at YCS Meadowlands!