YCS Meadowlands Tech Update

May 12th, 2013

Since today makes the first YCS with Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars legal for play, we’re seeing some notable trends in the tournament.

Lavalval Chain

This is a big one. With Lavalval Chain’s ability to load the Graveyard OR prepare a monster for next turn, we’re seeing a surge of Decks that can take advantage of its effect. There are, of course, the Lavals, which need a Graveyard filled with FIRE monsters to get their best effects; they can easily get Chain into play with cards like Flamvell Firedog. We’re also seeing a ton of Infernity Decks packing Summoner Monk just for easy Lavalval Chain access, loading their Graveyard for their insane combos. They’re also packing Monster Gate. That lets them use Chain’s effect to put Infernity Archfiend on top of their Deck, then Tribute the Chain (or anything else) to instantly get Archfiend into play. Lavalval Chain works well in almost any Deck, though, since searching out any monster can make or break a Duel.

Breakthrough Skill

With the threat of Evilswarm Ophion looming ever present, Duelists are looking for ways to take care of it, without leaving themselves defenseless against other Decks. Breakthrough Skill can be helpful in just about any situation, but its secondary effect is especially great for negating an Ophion that’s pinning you down. Thunder King Rai-Oh, Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, and Evolzar Dolkka are just a few other notable cards it can be great against.

Using way more than 40 cards

Long Dao’s success in YCS Lille seems to have shifted many a Duelist’s perspective on percentages. Traditionally, Duelists use as few cards as possible in their Decks so they get their best ones more often. Today though, we’re seeing Mermail Decks anywhere from 45 to even 60-card Decks! Dao’s theory was that by playing more cards, you alter your ratio of monsters to spells and traps. That helps to draw Genex Controller less often, gives you more room for cards like Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, and since you have so many searching effects anyway, you can still do most of your best moves with relative ease. Will the hefty Deck trend prove successful again, or was Dao just a wizard of defeating odds? We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow!