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Deck Types from the WCQ – South America

June 29th, 2013

With the release of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, we’ve been seeing a lot of Dragon Ruler Decks at the Regional Qualifiers, and we expected a lot of the Decks being Dragon Ruler Decks at the WCQ, and sure enough, it’s the predominant Deck here in South America, with 59 Decks.  Here’s the complete breakdown:

Dragon Ruler: 59

Evilswarm: 49

Spellbook: 36


Mermail: 8

Darkworld: 7

Constellar: 5

Fire Fist: 4

The rest of the Deck types consisted of Six Samurai, Madolche, Dino Rabbit, Gishki, Malefic Gravekeeper, Six Samurai, Dragunity, Piper Chaos, Karakuri, Lightsworn, Chaos Dragons, Hieratics, Monarch, Stun, Infernity, Laval, Psychic, Agent, Ninja, Tin Gadget, Frog and Chain Strike.

Given the popularity of Dragon Rulers, take a look at the Giant Cards up for grabs this weekend: