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World Championship Qualifiers begin!

June 29th, 2013


This weekend sees the start of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD
GAME World Championship Qualifiers, the final stop before the World
Championship on August 10
th – 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada. These are invite-only tournaments and invites
are earned at the Regional Qualifiers, Extravaganzas, Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series
and in the case of Latin America, at WCQ – Nationals throughout the 2013 season.

We’ve got 3 consecutive weekends of WCQs starting with South
America, followed by Central America, and ending with North America weekend of
July 13
th -14th.
Don’t forget – if you have yet to earn an invite to the two remaining WCQs,
there’s a Last Chance Qualifier on the Friday before, running all day, so it’s
not too late!

We’re in Guayaquil, Ecuador this weekend at the WCQ – South America. The last time we were here was back in 2011
during the very first YCS in South America.
The National Champions from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru,
Colombia and Venezuela are all here, as well as the YCS Champion from YCS –
Chile. The Dragon Duel Champions (and
their guardians!) from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and
Venezuela are all here too, all vying for the title South American Champion,
and the right to compete at the World Championship.

Welcome to all the Duelists and good luck to all!