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Dragon Duel Round 3 Feature Match: Aaron Gingkin vs. Fisher Orlando

July 13th, 2013

11-year-old Aaron Gingkin from Tacoma, Washington is Dueling against 12-year-old Fisher Orlando Baltimore, Maryland in our Round 3 Dragon Duel Feature Match! Both of these Duelists are currently undefeated, but only one of them will be able to advance with a 3-0 record. Gingkin is using a Galaxy Deck resmbling Kite’s Deck from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and featuring a couple of Yuma’s favorite monsters, including Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl! Orlando is using a Gravekeeper’s Malefic Deck that decimates his opponents’ hands with cards like Eradicator Epidemic Virus and Royal Tribute. It’s time to Duel!

Duel One

Gingkin opened up Duel 1 with Bottomless Trap Hole, Photon Satellite, Alexandrite DragonGagaga Magician, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, and Monster Reborn. He Summoned Alexandrite Dragon and Set Bottomless Trap Hole before ending his turn.

Aaron Gingkin

Orlando Set a monster and Set 2 cards to his back row.

Gingkin drew another Alexandrite Dragon next turn and Summoned it. He attacked with the first of his Alexandrite Dragons, and Orlando flipped Mirror Force to destroy both of Gingkin’s Dragons.

Orlando Flip Summoned Gravekeeper’s Spy to Special Summon Gravekeeper’s Descendant from his Deck, and Gingkin flipped Bottomless Trap Hole to banish the Descendant. Next, Orlando Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter and attacked directly with Recruiter and Spy to drop Gingkin down to 5600 Life Points.

Gingkin drew Photon Sanctuary next turn! He activated it to Special Summon 2 Photon Tokens, and then Tributed both of them to Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon! Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon attacked and destroyed Gravekeeper’s Recruiter, dealing 1800 points of damage to Orlando. Orlando added Gravekeeper’s Commandant from his Deck to his hand with his Recruiter’s effect.

Orlando activated Book of Moon next turn to put his Gravekeeper’s Spy face-down, and then Flip Summoned it to Special Summon another Spy from his Deck with its effect. Next, he Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Assailant. He combined both copies of Gravekeeper’s Spy with Gravekeeper’s Assailant to Xyz Summon Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon! He detached all 3 Xyz Materials from Thunder Spark Dragon to destroy Gingkin’s Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and then discarded Gravekeeper’s Commandant to add Necrovalley from his Deck to his hand. Next, he activated Necrovalley and banished Stardust Dragon from his Extra Deck to Special Summon Malefic Stardust Dragon. He attacked directly with Malefic Stardust Dragon and then activated Eradicator Epidemic Virus to Tribute Malefic Stardust Dragon and destroy all of Gingkin’s Spell Cards. Gingkin lost his in-hand Monster Reborn. Next, Orlando attacked directly with Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon, dropping Gingkin down to 700 Life Points.

Gingkin drew Gagaga Girl, Set it, and passed his turn.

But it was all over on Orlando’s next turn! Orlando Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter and then activated Royal Tribute, forcing Gingkin to discard the rest of his hand. Next, Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon destroyed Gingkin’s face-down Gagaga Girl, and Gravekeeper’s Recruiter attacked directly, ending the Duel!

Thundering Recruiter

Fisher Orlando overcomes Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon to win the first Duel! Aaron Gingkin will be going first in Duel 2!

Duel Two

Gingkin opened up Duel 2 with Dark Hole, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Alexandrite DragonGalaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Photon Satellite, and Photon Thrasher. He Summoned Alexandrite Dragon and Set Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror before ending his turn.

Orlando discarded Gravekeeper’s Commandant to add Necrovalley to his hand and then activated it. Next, he banished Stardust Dragon from his Extra Deck to Special Summon Malefic Stardust Dragon, and attacked Alexandrite Dragon to destroy it. Orlando Set a monster and a back row in Main Phase 2.

Fisher Orlando

Gingkin drew Galaxy Wizard. Next, he activated Dark Hole to destroy Malefic Stardust Dragon and Orlando’s face-down Gravekeeper’s Recruiter. Orlando added Gravekeeper’s Assailant from his Deck to his hand with the effect of Recruiter. Gingkin tried to Special Summon Photon Thrasher, but lost out to Orlando’s Bottomless Trap Hole. Next, Gingkin Set Galaxy Wizard and ended his turn.

Orlando Summoned Gravekeeper’s Descendant and attacked Galaxy Wizard to destroy it.

Gingkin Set a card to each zone.

Orlando activated Gravekeeper’s Stele to add Gravekeeper’s Recruiter and Gravekeeper’s Commandant from his Graveyard to his hand. Next, Gingkin flipped Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. Orlando attacked Gingkin’s face-down monster with Gravekeeper’s Descendant, but lost out to Dimensional Prison. He Set a monster before passing.

Gingkin drew Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and passed, unable to Summon it.

Orlando Flip Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter and then Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Assailant. He attacked Gingkin’s face-down Photon Satellite with Gravekeeper’s Assailant to destroy it, and then attacked directly with Gravekeeper’s Recruiter for 1700 points of damage.

Gingkin drew Fiendish Chain and Set it.

Orlando Summoned Gravekeeper’s Commandant. He tried attacking with all 3 of his Gravekeeper’s monsters, but lost out on his Commandant’s attack when Gingkin flipped Fiendish Chain to stop it. In Main Phase 2, Orlando combined Gravekeeper’s Assailant with Gravekeeper’s Commandant to Summon Maestroke the Symphony Djinn in Defense Position.

Gingkin drew Galaxy Knight and passed, unable to Summon his Tribute Monsters.

Orlando Summoned Malefic Cyber End Dragon next turn by banishing Cyber End Dragon from his Extra Deck, and then attacked directly to wipe out Gingkin’s last 2100 Life Points!

The Cyber End of the Duel

Fisher Orlando and his Gravekeeper’s Malefic Deck are moving on with a 3-0 record!