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Organized Play Update: Official Tournament Store Championships!

July 13th, 2013

With the 2012-2013 WCQ Season over as of this weekend, Konami Digital Entertainment will be introducing four new Organized Play (OP) programs and special events!  In the coming months you’re going to see a new local-level Championship series; monthly tournaments with special prizes and demos for new players; a brand new Dragon Duel Championship series; and a whole lotta cool stuff going down for Duel-fans spectating the World Championships at Bally’s Las Vegas!

First up, the Official Tournament Store Championships!  Every two months, hundreds of select Official Tournament Stores across North America, Central America, and South America will hold in-store Championship tournaments open to all Duelists.  Like Regional Qualifiers and YCS events, OTS Championships will be Tier 2 competitive tournaments.  The winner of each Championship will score an exclusive OTS Championship Game Mat, and the Top 2 finishers will be awarded invites to their World Championship Qualifier.  Can’t get to a Regional Qualifier?  OTS Championships give you another chance to test your skills and earn your seat in the WCQ.

Want to prove that you’re the best Duelist at your home store?  Step up and claim your OTS Championship… then defend your title every two months!