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QQ: Which New Card From Legendary Collection 4 Are You Most Excited About?

July 14th, 2013

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We recently found out that Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World is scheduled for release, and with it, 3 cards from the animated series that have never been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME will finally be available to Duelists: Joey’s Blue Flame Swordsman, Mai’s Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, and Marik’s Card of Last Will! (Reminder: Card of Last Will will not be legal in tournament play.) I surveyed the field of Duelists to see which of these 3 cards they’re most excited about. Check out their responses!

Card of Last Will, because it’s Marik’s!” –Cody Sherman

Blue Flame Swordsman.” –Kiley Davis

Card of Last Will.” –Denis Carreon

Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation.” –Ben Ladise

Card of Last Will. Can’t wait to use it in fun play!” –Zachary Brody-Lechtner

Card of Last Will.” –Adam Cullen

Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation.” –Brandon Fritzler

Card of Last Will.” –Aljhun Escueta

Card of Last Will because of Marik.” –Matt Hawthorne

Card of Last Will.” –Brian Truang

Card of Last Will is going to be amazing to see.” –Khaled Abdulhadi

Card of Last Will.” –Ben Eisenberg

Despite the fact that it’s not legal for tournament play, Card of Last Will seems to be the overwhelming favorite! But there are plenty of Mai and Joey fans out there too, and Blue Flame Swordsman and Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation also have their supporters.