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Round 3 Feature Match: Horacio Gomez Versus John Sirka

July 14th, 2013

Both of these competitors are undefeated!  Twenty-six year old John Sirka traveled here this weekend from Windsor, Ontario to play Dark Worlds, while his opponent, twenty year-old Horacio Gomez from Darian, Illinois, is running Constellars.  Both Duelists were prepped to take on Dragon Rulers and Prophecy, but may not have prepared for this particular rogue matchup.  This was anybody’s game!

Sirka started us off with a Set monster.

Gomez had a hand of Fiendish Chain; Thunder King Rai-Oh; Constellar Sombre; Fire Formation – Tenki; Reinforcement of the Army; and Safe Zone.  He activated Reinforcement to search his Deck for Constellar Pollux, then played Tenki to grab Constellar Kaus.  He Summoned Pollux, used its effect to Normal Summon Kaus, and changed both monsters to Level 5 with Kaus’ effect.  Sirka dropped Maxx “C”, drawing a card when Gomez Xyz Summoned Constellar Pleiades.  Gomez used its effect to bounce away Sirka’s Set monster; made a direct attack for 2500 Battle Damage; and Set Safe Zone and Fiendish.

Sirka activated Dark World Dealings.  Gomez drew Forbidden Lance: Sirka discarded Snoww, Unlight of Dark World while Gomez dropped the Lance.  Sirka got another Dealings with Snoww, activating it.  Gomez drew Pot of Duality, discarding Thunder King Rai-Oh; Sirka discarded Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World.  He used its effect to target Pleiades, and Gomez Chained Pleiades’ effect to take back his Tenki.  Sirka Summoned Broww, Huntsman of Dark World, and returned it to his hand to Special Summon Grapha.  Gomez flipped Fiendish Chain to block the attack.  Sirka had six cards in hand and ended.

Gomez drew another Safe Zone.  He Summoned Sombre, then banished Pleiades from his Graveyard to return Kaus to his hand.  He Normal Summoned it, and Sirka played another Maxx “C”.  Gomez changed his monsters to Level 5 again, then Xyz Summoned another Pleiades, giving Sirka another draw.  Gomez played Tenki again to get Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear, then ended his turn without using Pleiades’ effect or attacking.

Sirka drew to seven cards.  He discarded Malefic Stardust Dragon with Trade-In, drawing two more cards, then Set one to his backrow.  He activated Card Destruction to discard five cards: Snoww, Unlight of Dark World; Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World; two Broww, Huntsman of Dark World; and one Tragoedia.  He drew five cards, and Gomez drew Dark Hole, Maxx “C”, and Pollux.  Sirka drew two cards for his Browws, then destroyed Pleiades with Grapha, and searched The Gates of Dark World with Snoww.  Gomez unfortunately passed on the Chain of Dark World effects when he should have bounced Tenki back to his hand.  Sirka activated Gates, then played Monster Reborn to bring back Snoww.  Gomez Chained the effect of Maxx “C”, drawing Heavy Storm.  Sirka bounced Snoww to Special Summon his second Grapha, giving Gomez Solemn Judgment.  Dark World Dealings got Gomez Pot of Duality, and he discarded Pollux.  Sirka discarded Snoww, getting Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World from his Deck.  Sirka now had seven cards in hand, with Gates, two Grapha, and a Set card on his field.


Foolish Burial sent his third Grapha to his Graveyard.  He overlaid his on-field Graphas for Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis, and Gomez drew Constellar Kaus.  Sirka activated Heliopolis’ effect, Tributing Broww from his hand to target Safe Zone, destroying it.  Gomez had no way to Chain Safe Zone to try and banish Heliopolis.  Sirka Normal Summoned Beiige to Special Summon back a Grapha – Gomez drew Thunder King Rai-Oh.  Sirka played another Gates, banishing Snow and discarding Beiige.  That was enough for Gomez, who conceded the Duel.


John Sirka gets off to a bit of a stalled start due to Constellar Pleiades, but an explosive string of Dark World combos put Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis on the field, leaving Horacio Gomez no choice but to concede the first Duel!

Gomez started the second Duel with Monster Reborn; Solemn Judgment; Prohibition; Bottomless Trap Hole; and two Mystical Space Typhoon.  No monsters in sight.  He activated Prohibition calling Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, then Set a Typhoon, a Bottomless, and Judgment.

Sirka activated Dark World Dealings: Gomez Drew Soul Drain, discarding Monster Reborn, while Sirka discarded Snoww, Unlight of Dark World to get another Snoww from his Deck.  Sirka activated The Gates of Dark World, allowing him to Special Summon Malefic Stardust Dragon – Gomez banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole.  When Sirka banished Snoww for the effect of Gates, Gomez Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it.  Sirka played on, Summoning Trance Archfiend.  He discarded a Snoww to get his third Snoww, still holding three cards with Archfiend on the table.  He activated Card Destruction, discarding Grapha and Snoww to draw two cards and search another Gates.  Gomez had Solemn Warning and Constellar Algiedi.  When Sirka tried to activate Gates, Gomez dropped to 4000 Life Points to negate it with Solemn Judgment.  Sirka attacked with Archfiend for 2000 Battle Damage, then Set one Spell or Trap.

Gomez drew Fire Formation – Tenki!  He played it to search Constellar Kaus, then Normal Summoned Algiedi, then Summoned Kaus.  He overlaid them for Abyss Dweller, then activated its effect and attacked to destroy Trance Archfiend, stopping the Archfiend’s ability.  He Set his now-useless Solemn Warning, his last card from his hand.  He didn’t have the Life Points to pay for it.

But Sirka just passed!

Gomez drew another Kaus, and Summoned it to attack with both his monsters!  Sirka was down to 4200 Life Points.


Sirka drew to three cards in hand.  He activated Dark Hole, and Gomez Chained Abyss Dweller’s effect.  Sirka activated Foolish Burial to send Grapha to his Graveyard: he had one card in hand and one card Set, nothing else.  He ended.

Gomez drew and Set Vanity’s Emptiness.

Sirka passed.

Gomez drew Soul Drain and Set it, his fifth card to his backrow.

Sirka drew to three cards and played Dark World Dealings: Gomez Chained Soul Drain.  Gomez drew and pitched Fire Formation – Tenki, while Sirka drew and thought over his discard, eventually discarding another Grapha.  But then he Summoned Broww!  Thanks to the Life Point payment for Soul Drain, that was all Sirka needed to finish the match!

John Sirka’s Dark Worlds take a decisive 2-0 victory over Horacio Gomez’s Consteallars!