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Round 4 Feature Match: Richard Miller Versus Clifford Colbert III

July 14th, 2013

Richard Miller drove here thirteen hours from Philadelphia, and he’s currently 3-0 with Constellars.  His opponent is Detroit’s Clifford Colbert, who’s also 3-0 so far this weekend, running a Thunder Family Deck.  Both competitors are heavily teched for the Dragon Ruler and Prophecy matchup.

Colbert got us started with two Set cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Miller’s hand was Compulsory Evacuation Device; Constellar Pollux; Solemn JudgmentFiendish Chain; Solemn Judgment; Dark Bribe; and Xyz Reborn.  He tried to Summon Pollux, but Colbert negated the attempt with Solemn Warning.  Miller Set everything but Xyz Reborn!

Colbert Set two more cards to his backrow.  Neither Duelist had any offense yet.

Miller drew Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear, and Colbert flipped Imperial Iron Wall in Miller’s Draw Phase – a dead card in this matchup.  Miller Summoned Bear, Colbert blasted it with Torrential Tribute, and Miller fired back with Dark Bribe to negate it – Colbert drew a card.  Miller attacked with Bear, and Colbert bounced it with Compulsory Evacuation Device to keep Miller from getting Fire Formation – Tenki.

Colbert Set a monster, shaking his head.

Miller drew Constellar Sheratan and Summoned Bear again, attacking to destroy Colbert’s Set Maxx “C”.


Colbert drew to five cards in hand.  He activated Dark Hole, and this time it was Miller who bounced Bear with Compulsory Evacuation Device, saving it!  Colbert Summoned Mahunder.  He activated its effect, and Miller negated it with Fiendish Chain.

Miller drew Forbidden Lance.  He Summoned back Bear, ran over Mahunder for 200 Battle Damage, and finally got to search out Fire Formation – Tenki!  He activated it, getting Constellar Kaus from his Deck in Main Phase 2.  Miller Set Lance.

Colbert Summoned another Mahunder!  This time the effect went through, and Colbert Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh.  He overlaid both monsters for Constellar Omega, and Miller spent a moment considering his possible responses before letting it go.  Colbert attacked Bear, and when the attack reached the Damage Step Miller flipped Forbidden Lance – Omega went down.


That triggered Bear’s effect, letting Miller Set another Fire Formation – Tenki from his Deck.  Colbert had just two cards left in hand, and Set one to his backrow.

Miller drew another Constellar Sheratan.  He tried to Summon it, but Colbert flipped Solemn Judgment – he dropped to 2850 Life Points, and Miller didn’t flip his own Judgment to force Sheratan through.  Miller did not activate his Bear’s effect, but moved to Main Phase 2 and activated the previous Tenki to search Kaus.

Colbert activated Pot of Avarice, and Miller shut him down with Solemn Judgment!  That left Colbert with just one card – a monster, which he Set.  It was all over moments later, as Miller blew away the Set monster – another Maxx “C” – with Bear and then attacked for game!

Clifford Colbert draws a ton of anti-Dragon Ruler tech, none of which was relevant against Richard Miller’s Constellars!  With so many dead cards and little aggression of his own, Colbert was powerless to win the first Duel.  Could the next two be different?  Colbert would certainly side out all those cards that had handicapped him in Game 1.

Colbert had a far stronger opening this time, playing Thunder Sea Horse to search his Deck for two copies of Mahunder!  He Set three cards to his back row.

Miller had Heavy Storm; Compulsory Evacuation Device; Fire Formation – Tenki; Constellar Pollux; Constellar Algiedi; and Constellar Kaus.  He activated Heavy Storm, but Colbert negated it with Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell, discarding Pot of Avarice!  “I was really saving that for Tenki,” noted Colbert.  Miller pressed on, Summoning Pollux to make a direct attack for 1700 Battle Damage.  He Summoned Kaus in Main Phase 2, and Colbert flipped Torrential Tribute to wipe the field!  Miller Set Compulsory.

Colbert drew to four cards in hand with one Set, then activated Pot of Duality to reveal another Duality; Solemn Warning; and another Cursed Seal.  He added Warning to his hand and shuffled the other back.  He Normal Summoned Mahunder, attacked for 1400 Battle Damage, then Set another Spell or Trap card, then a third.

Miller drew another Compulsory Evacuation Device.  He tried to Summon Algiedi, and Colbert negated the Summon with Solemn Warning.  Miller Set Tenki and the second Compulsory.

Colbert made him regret it.  He flipped his own Heavy Storm!    He destroyed his own Bottomless Trap Hole, blowing away Miller’s two Compulsory Evacuation Devices and his Tenki.  Colbert Chained a Compulsory to bounce Mahunder, but Colbert Just Summoned it again to attack.


Miller drew and Set Fiendish Chain.

Colbert Summoned Pahunder, then activated its effect to Summon another Mahunder.


Colbert stacked Pahunder and Mahunder for Constellar Omega, then attacked with Mahunder, right into Fiendish Chain.  That left Colbert free to make a direct shot with Omega, lowering Miller to 2800 Life Points.

Miller was topdecking.  He ripped Forbidden Lance and Set it, trying to bluff his way through the next turn.  With the safety of Constellar Omega Colbert had nothing to fear, and he Summoned Effect Veiler next turn to draw a concession from Miller.


Richard Miller gets a little too overzealous setting Fire Formation – Tenki and a second Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Clifford Colbert makes him pay for it with Heavy Storm!  Victory was academic after that mistake, and Colbert pushes this Match to one more Duel.

Miller opened the final Duel with a hand of Thunder King Rai-Oh; Compulsory Evacuation Device; Honest; Constellar Kaus; Mystical Space Typhoon; and Heavy Storm.  He Summoned Thunder King and Set Typhoon and Compulsory.

Colbert Set 2 cards to his backrow, then a third.  He Summoned Pahunder, then used its effect to Normal Summon Mahunder.  He Xyz Summoned Constellar Omega and Miller had no response.  He activated Omega’s effect, and Miller didn’t Chain his Compulsory Evacuation Device (he’d remark post-match that he completely goofed not activating Compulsory in response).  Luckily Colbert didn’t attack, and in the End Phase Miller flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Colbert’s Set Solemn Judgment.

Miller drew Forbidden Lance and Set it.

Colbert drew and Set a Spell or Trap.

Miller drew Constellar Pollux and activated Heavy Storm.  He Chained his own Lance on Omega; Colbert Chained with Omega’s effect; and Miller Chained Compulsory!  Colbert lost his Constellar Omega, and then all three cards in his back row!  Colbert had just one in-hand card left.


Miller Summoned Constellar Pollux, then Constellar Kaus.  He attacked with all three monsters to knock Colbert down to 2600 Life Points.  Miller boosted his Constellar’s Levels to 5 with Kaus, then overlaid for Constellar Pleiades.  He ended his turn with no back row, but Honest in hand.  Time was called just before the End Phase; five turns would remain, but when Colbert saw his next draw he offered Colbert the handshake.


Richard Miller captures the first and third Duels to win the match, as Constellars triumph over Thunder Family!  Miller moves on 4-0.