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Round 4 Top Table Updates:

July 14th, 2013

As the tournament continues, the Duelists with the best records are seated at the lowest-numbered tables.  That means that as the Rounds progress, the competitors with the best rankings creep closer and closer to Table 1.  Now that we’re in Round 4, let’s take a look at some of the undefeated players and what they’re running!

Table 1:

Luke Mattingly with Dragon Rulers


Joseph Tamez with Prophecy

Table 2:

Cory Shackle with Fire Fist


Ali Yassine with Prophecy

Table 3:

David Shahata with Evilswarm


Scott Page with Dragon Rulers

Table 4:

Michael Kinsley with Dragon Rulers


David Miles Dragon Rulers

Table 5:

Richard Kraus with Six Samurai


Paul Clarke with Prophecy

Table 6:

Andrew Fredella with Dragon Rulers


Wassim Yassine with Evilswarm

Table 7:

Nathaniel Monsees with Anti-Meta Beat


Jihad Jule with Evilswarm

Table 8:

Justin Becker with Dragunity With Tempest


Oscar Zelaya with Dragon Rulers

Table 9:

Arya Attari with Dragon Rulers


Dalton Bousman with Prophecy

Table 10:

Nicholas McKinney with Evilwarms


Conrad Sanders with Dragon Rulers

As expected, Prophecy and Dragon rulers are the two most-represented strategies at the top tables, and Evilswarms are hanging in there.  But Decks like Six Samurai and Dragunity are more of a surprise!  We’ll look for those Decks for Feature Matches in the coming Rounds.