Round 5 Top Table Update:

July 14th, 2013

Looking at the top tables one round later, we can see that Prophecy and Dragon Rulers are holding strong, but that Richard Kraus is still undefeated with Six Samurai.  We’ll see more of him in Round 6, when we put him to the test in our next main event Feature Match.

Looking further down the list we can see some familiar names from the YCS circuit that are still undefeated: Wilson Tsang, Maurice Brantley, Naveen Shankar, Conrad Selig, Roy St. Clair, Andrew Fredella, Angel Ascencio, Joseph Bogli, Patrick Hoban, Augustin Herrera, Robert Boyajian, and Stephen Silverman are all still 4-0 with 12 match points headed into this Round!  Here are the top ten Tables…

Table 1:

Josiah Miller with Prophecy


John Knox with Prophecy

Table 2:

Alexander Drees with Prophecy


Site Li with Dragon Rulers

Table 3:

Phillip Pena with Dragon Rulers


Shinobo Imazu with Dragon Rulers

Table 4:

Joseph Dibble with Atlantean Mermails


Michael Merchant with Dragon Rulers

Table 5:

Jamal Anthony with Prophecy


Hernan Roman with Dragon Rulers

Table 6:

Jamie Kelly with Evilswarms


Justin Delhon with Prophecy

Table 7:

Alexander Decolator with Evilswarms


Gaetan Georges with Dragon Rulers

Table 8:

Richard Kraus with Six Samurai


Dalton Bousman with Prophecy

Table 9:

Jonathan Weigle with Dragon Rulers


Stephen Jordan with Prophecy

Table 10:

Joseph Rechis with Prophecy


Robin Hill with Dragon Rulers