Round 6 Top Table Update:

July 14th, 2013

Here in Round 6 Dragon Rulers have stormed the top tables, but Constellars still continue to be a surprising presence!  While thirteen of the top twenty seats were occupied by Dragon Rulers, two were still held by undefeated Constellar Duelists, actually outperforming Evilswarm in this limited sampling.  Competitors all the way down to Table 25 are currently undefeated, so everything at this stage is still pretty preliminary.   Regardless, I’m not sure many were expecting a notable Constellar presence this far into the tournament, so it’s a story we’ll keep our eye on this weekend.

Table 1:

Jean Carlos Valencia with Dragon Rulers


Michael Merchant with Dragon Rulers

Table 2:

Stephen Silverman with Dragon Rulers


Owsley Tanner with Dragon Rulers

Table 3:

Randy Nguyen with Anti-Meta Beatdown


Bryan Small with Dragon Rulers

Table 4:

Dalton Bousman with Prophecy


Carl Manigat with Dragon Rulers

Table 5:

Bernardo Miranda with Constellars


Joseph Chou with Prophecy

Table 6:

Nicholas Palermo with Dragon Rulers


Wilson Tsang with Evilswarm

Table 7:

Robert Dukes with Dragon Rulers


Ambrose Jones with Constellars

Table 8:

Patrick Hoban with Dragon Rulers


Thomas Lee with Dragon Rulers

Table 9:

Robert Boyajian with Dragon Rulers


Ankit Shah with Dragon Rulers

Table 10:

John Gruchacz with Prophecy


Christian Georges with Dragon Rulers