Round 9 Top Table Update:

July 14th, 2013

Let’s look at the breakdown at the top ten tables this morning, here in our first round of Day 2!  Only the top three tables are undefeated, while 7-1 Duelists rank all the way down to Table 29, so competition is fierce here in Round 9.

Dragon Rulers: 13

Prophecy: 4

Evilswarms: 1

Dragunities: 1

Dark World: 1

As you can see, Dragon Rulers are dominating the X-0 and X-1 brackets, while Prophecy is still hanging in there.  A number of Rogue Duelists are still in the running too, and beyond those reflected here we’re aware of X-1 competitors playing Constellars and Madolches as well.  There could be other rogue strategies hidden amongst the X-1 tables, so we’ll keep an eye out for those in the next two rounds.  Check out the top tables for yourself!

Table 1:

Joseph Chou with Prophecy


Aaron Riker with Dragon Rulers

Table 2:

Robert Boyajian with Dragon Rulers


Site Li with Dragon Rulers

Table 3:

Phillip Pena with Dragon Rulers


Carl Manigat with Dragon Rulers

Table 4:

Rizwan Khan with Dragon Rulers


Pedro Parreno with Prophecy

Table 5:

James Provot with Dragon Rulers


Juan Moroyoqui with Dragon Rulers

Table 6:

Garret Byrd with Evilswarm


Justin Russel with Dragon Rulers

Table 7:

Larry Wade with Dark World


Michael Albanese with Dragon Ruler

Table 8:

Nicholas Testa with Dragon Rulers


Man Wong with Prophecy

Table 9:

Stephen Silverman with Dragon Rulers


Charles Phinney with Draogn Rulers

Table 10:

Dalton Bousman with Prophecy


Matthew Rogers-Kuczka with Dragunity