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Some of the notable Duelists at the WCQ – Central America

July 6th, 2013

Some of the notable faces from today´s WCQ are the WCQ – National Champions from the Central American countries.  Hoping to top their National status to Continental status are Alejandro Rafael Canas Batres from Guatemala, Yorquin Medina Buten from the Dominican Republic, Rolando Alberto Gordon Bustamante from Panama, Hector Leonel Ortega from Honduras, Francisco Jose Arce Ramos from El Salvador, Shawn Kenroy Russell from Jamaica, Leobardo Sanchez Gonzalez from Mexico and Tomas Jimenez Acosta from Costa Rica.

Some other notables are the YCS Champions: Angel Zayren Flores Covarrubias, the Guatemalan YCS Champion and Jorge Luis Campos Valverde, the Costa Rican YCS Champion.

The 2010 World Champion, Galileo Mauricio DeObaldia Soza from Panama is here, as is the 2012 Central American Champion, Alvaro Manuel Gonzalez Orea from Mexico.

On the Dragon Duel side, the Guatemalan National Champion, Diego Alejandro Diaz Herrarte, and the Mexican Dragon Duel Champion, Angel Aarturo Borja Aquino, are competing to represent Central America at the Dragon Duel World Championship.