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Winners of the 3 Versus 3 Tournament!

July 15th, 2013

Check out the winners of the 3 versus 3 tournament!

1st place team

1st place – Shinobu Imazu (Dragon Rulers) / Owsley Tanner (Dragon Rulers) / Souvick Kar (Gravekeeper’s)

The team is holding up Orbital 7 because they love the character/card and its “You Got it Boss” slogan.

Greg Abbey may disagree…

2nd place team

2nd place – Thomas Chacko (Evilswarms) / Jarred Randolph (Prophecy) / Dave Biasotti (Constellars)

3rd place team

3rd place – Kevin McDermott (Prophecy) / Aaron Kapes (Dragon Rulers) / Edgar Collazo (Evilswarms)

4th place team

4th place – Max Reynolds (Prophecy) / Nick Brachmann (Mermails) / Sam Amore (Dragon Rulers)