Decks to Expect: Bujins

August 31st, 2013

Bujin, from Judgment of the Light, is a unique strategy based on Summoning one monster to the field and then keeping it there for entire Duel. Bujin Yamato is an 1800 ATK, Level 4, LIGHT Beast-Warrior, and at the end of each of your turns, it lets you fix your hand and Graveyard by adding a “Bujin” monster from your Deck to your hand, then sending a card from your hand to the Graveyard. You use this ability to seek out Bujin monsters with abilities that activate in either the hand or Graveyard and move them to the appropriate place to use their abilities.

Bujingi Crane – Played from your hand during damage calculation. Sets your Beast-Warrior Bujin’s ATK to double its original ATK for that damage calculation. It returns to normal afterwards.

Bujingi Quilin – Played from your Graveyard during your Main Phase if you have a Beast-Warrior Bujin on the field. Targets and destroys any enemy face-up card .

Bujingi Turtle – Played from your Graveyard during either players turn. Negates any card or effect that targets a Bujin monster you control.

Bujingi Ophidian – Played from your hand during Main Phase 1. Lets 1 of your Bujin monsters attack directly this turn.

Crane and Turtle help you keep your Yamato on the field, while Quilin destroys the roadblocks to your success. Ophidian works as a nice one-off card choice to help you win a close game even if your opponent walls up with something indestructible and untargetable, like Number 49: Fortune Tune.

Realistically speaking, however, no matter how much protection you have for your Yamato, and you’ll have a lot between your Trap Cards and your Bujingis, he’s probably going to get destroyed at some point. Such is the danger of being a monster, but Bujin Decks have a Spell Card available to take advantage of Yamato’s mortality: Bujincarnation!

Bujincarnation targets one of your banished Bujins and one Bujin in your Graveyard and Summons both. A Spell that Special Summons two strong monsters is already good, but the fact that you can then combine them into Bujintei Susanowo, a 2400 ATK Beast-Warrior that can attack every monster your opponent controls, use his Materials to take Bujins from your Deck and move them wherever you need them (oh and his Materials are also Bujins for you to re-use the effects of), and can use both Bujingi Crane and Bujingi Turtle turns Bujincarnation into a force of nature.

And that’s before you even consider how the Bujin cards work with the other 11 years worth of cards that are out there! Kaiser Colosseum is a popular pick that forces your opponent to play with the same number of monsters on the field as you are – 1! Vanity’s Emptiness, a popular card in Dragon Ruler Decks at the World Championship, also sees play in this strategy as it doesn’t need to Special Summon as long as Yamato is on the field, and sending cards from the hand to the Graveyard doesn’t cause it to self-destruct.

Finally, some clever Duelists are using the Field Spell Black Garden. The Garden halves the ATK of any monster that’s Summoned and puts an 800 ATK Rose Token on the other Duelist’s side of the field, in Attack Position. Bujins can shake off the ATK drain by using Bujingi Crane and fling massive amounts of damage through the low-ATK Tokens the Garden creates. And if you’re Summoning multiple times and Xyz Summoning Bujintei Susanowo, you can take out all of the resulting Tokens at once along with huge chunks of your opponent’s Life Points!

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Bujin Yamato this weekend!