Decks to Expect: Prophecy

August 31st, 2013

How good are Prophecy Decks now that Spellbook of Judgment is Forbidden? Even better than they were before Spellbook of Judgment swept them aside and replaced them with Spellbook combo Decks!

Don’t get the wrong idea, these new Prophecy Decks still play a ton of Spellbook cards, frequently around 20, but the defining feature of the Prophecy Deck is all of the really good Prophecy monsters it plays. Gone are the Jowgens and the Kycoos, replaced with High Priestess of Prophecy, World of Prophecy, and a pair of Level 3 supporters. Temperance of Prophecy and Justice of Prophecy are used to fetch High Priestess of Prophecy ASAP. Temperance puts her straight on to the field, and Justice adds her and a Spellbook to your hand so you can reveal 3 Spellbooks on your next turn and Summon her. Priestess comes with 2500 ATK and the ability to destroy any card on the field every turn by banishing a Spellbook from your hand or Graveyard.

Judgment of the Light’s World of Prophecy is a little bit different. You don’t want to draw it, you want to Summon it straight from the Deck with Temperance of Prophecy or from the Graveyard with Spellbook of Life. When you do, you’ll get to add 2 “Spellbook” Spell Cards from your Graveyard to your hand. If World of Prophecy is still around after that, you can reveal 4 different Spellbooks in your hand to destroy every other card on the field. Not bad, especially on a 2900 ATK body! You can even use Spellbook of Wisdom to ensure that World hits the field even when your opponent has a lot of Trap Cards set, making it the perfect card to have in a world where Heavy Storm is no more.

Of course, you still have The Grand Spellbook Tower and Spellbook of Fate, both of which are great cards to have in a wide open field where you could encounter just about anything. Spellbook of Fate can still be used to banish whatever the key card of your opponent’s Deck is, and getting to draw 2 cards per turn instead of 1 isn’t likely to go out of style any time soon. Spellbook Magician of Prophecy is still a card you really want to see in your opening hand, acting as both a Spellcaster on the field for both Tower and Fate (as well as Spellbook of the Master!) and an extra copy of Spellbook of Secrets to make your Deck run smoothly.

The overall monster count of the Prophecy Decks we’re seeing is higher than it was in the Spellbook combo Decks, but still pretty low overall, around 9-10. About 7 of these are just enablers to try to get Spellbooks in hand and High Priestess of Prophecy and World of Prophecy to the field, so if there’s a weakness to strike at, it’s the extremely low number of monsters that your opponent will actually try to beat you with. On the flip side, running so few monsters frees up space for a bunch of Trap Cards, so a blitz strategy isn’t as likely to work as you might think.

With all of its search power and destructive abilities, Prophecy is a strong contender in this weekend’s field!