Meet The Dragon Duel Top 4!

August 31st, 2013

As Round 4 in the YCS Main Event was winding down, action was reaching its peak over in the Saturday Dragon Duel!  Pictured below are your Top 4 finishers: Calvin Le; Andrew Huang; Dylan Fritsche; and Charles Bingham!


As the only undefeated competitor, Charles Bingham has a unique opportunity.  This is the first weekend of the YCS Dragon Duel Championships, and Bingham will return tomorrow to play the winner of the Sunday Dragon Duel.  The victor in that showdown will become the YCS Toronto Dragon Duel Champion, and will be awarded the inaugural spot in the all-new Dragon Duel Hall of Fame online.

But that all goes down tomorrow.  For now, congratulations to our first Top 4, and special congrats to Charles Bingham!