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Round 5 Feature Match: Carolyn Colajezzi Versus Rob Chung

August 31st, 2013

Bujins are undefeated here in Round 5!  Toronto local Rob Chung is 4-0 with the new archetype, and now he’s pitted against YCS veteran Carolyn Colajezzi.  Armed with a trap-heavy Constellar Deck, Colajezzi’s undefeated as well.  This wasn’t a matchup anyone was really anticipating today, so it’s really anybody’s game.  While Colajezzi has a ton of monster removal, Chung could outplay her with Bujingi Turtles, but he’s going to need to set that up quickly if he wants to stay in this Match.

Colajezzi opened with Thunder King Rai-Oh and three Set cards to her back row.

Chung’s hand was Bujingi Crane; Bujingi Yamato; Bujin Regalia – The Sword; Maxx “C”; Bujingi Quilin; and Bujincarnation.  He Summoned Yamato, then Set Regalia.  Colajezzi blasted it with Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.

Colajezzi Set two more cards to her backrow and ended without attacking.

Chung drew Forbidden Dress and Summoned Bujingi Quilin, then attacked Thunder King with Yamato – Colajezzi mulled over her options before letting the attack go to Damage Calculation, where Chung activated the effect of Bujingi Crane: Yamato went to 3600 ATK, destroying Thunder King.  Quilin attacked next, and Colajezzi took the damage, dropping to 4700 Life Point.  Chung Set Dress, and in his End Phase he activated Yamato’s search effect: Colajezzi responded with Fiendish Chain to stop it.

Colajezzi Summoned Constellar Kaus and attacked over Quilin. She bumped Kaus to Level 6 with its effect, then finished out her turn by setting a single Spell or Trap.

Chung drew Pot of Duality and activated it, revealing another Dress, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.  He took Dress, then Banished Quilin from his Graveyard to destroy Fiendish Chain, freeing Yamato to attack Kaus.  Colajezzi had another Fiendish Chain, and she flipped it to stop the attack.  Chung Set his second Dress.  “That is way too much backrow for me to go through today.”

Colajezzi Sumoned Constellar Algiedi, then decreased Kaus back to Level 4: Chung responded with Maxx “C”.  Colajezzi passed.


Chung drew Solemn Warning and Set it, still tied down by Fiendish Chain.

Colajezzi overlaid her two Constellars for Constellar Omega, but Chung negated the Summon with Solemn Warning.

Chung drew and Summoned Honest, attacking into Mirror Force.  He chained Forbidden Dress to keep Honest on the field, dishing out 1100 Battle Damage.  He returned Honest to his hand in Main Phase 2.

Colajezzi drew and Set a fourth card.  Her hand was empty.

Chung drew Maxx “C” and Summoned Honest, losing it to Torrential Tribute.

Colajezzi drew and Set a fourth Spell or Trap once again.

Chung drew Bujingi Turtle, but lost it to Bottomless Trap Hole.

Colajezzi passed.

Chung drew and activated Fire Formation – Tenki, searching another Yamato from his Deck.  He Summoned it, then attacked into Book of Moon.  Chung laughed and sighed.

Colajezzi drew.  “That is fantastic.  I am so happy about that.”  She had two cards in hand with two cards set: she Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, then Normal Summoned Constellar Sombre!  She banished Omega to take back Kaus, then Normal Summoned it… Chung activated Maxx “C”.  Colajezzi increased Kaus’ level to overlay it with Cyber Dragon, and Xyz Summoned Constellar Pleiades!  She used its effect to bounce away Chung’s Set Forbidden Dress, then ran over Yamato with Sombre before making a direct attack to finish out the turn.


Chung activated Bujincarnation!  He’d been holding it since Turn 1, trying to whittle away his opponent’s back row, and now that Colajezzi had just two Set cards now was apparently the time… But Colajezzi had Vanity’s Emptiness!  Chung instantly conceded, eager to move to Game 2.

Rob Chung fights to try and simplify the Duel, while Carolyn Colajezzi’s wall of defense – capped off by a crushing Vanity’s Emptiness – is simply too much for Chung to overcome!  Constellars triumph over Bujins in the first Duel.

Chung opened with a hand of Honest; Fire Formation – Tenki; Forbidden Dress; Fiendish Chain; Trap Stun; and Bujin Yamato.  He Summoned Yamato, Set Dress, Fiendish, and Stun, then used Yamato’s effect in the End Phase to search Bujingi Turtle and load it to the Graveyard.  It could now negate an effect targeting Yamato later on in the Duel.  It was a strong first turn.

Colajezzi Sumoned Constellar Pollux, then used its ability to Summon Constellar Algiedi.  She overlaid them for Constellar Omega, activated its effect, then ran it straight into Honest.  She had four cards left and set three of them to her back row.

Chung drew Bujingi Quilin and tried to activate Fire Formation – Tenki, but Colajezzi destroyed it on the chain with Mystical Space Typhoon.  He Summoned Quilin, but Colajezzi banished it with Dimensional Prison.  That left Yamato free to make a direct attack!  Colajezzi flipped Fiendish Chain to try and stop it, Chung chained Turtle’s effect, and Colajezzi was out of cards.  She immediately conceded to get to Game 3.

Rob Chung takes a quick victory in Game 2, evening up the Match score at 1-1!

Colajezzi Summoned Constellar Pollux, then Constellar Kaus, overlaying them for Constellar Pleiades after tweaking their Levels.  She Set two cards to her backrow.

Chung’s hand was Bujin Yamato; Fire Formation – Tenki; Mystical Space Typhoon; Bujingi Crane; Pot of Duality; and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.  He activated Tenki to search out Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, then activated Pot of Duality to reveal Bottomless Trap Hole; Forbidden Dress; and Bujingi Crane from his Deck.  He took the Dress and shuffled the rest back.  He activated Mystical Space Typhoon to blindly destroy Colajezzi’s Set Imperial Iron Wall, then Normal Summoned Bear: Colajezzi detached a Material to bounce it back to Chung’s hand with Pleiades, leaving him to Set Dress and Scarecrow.

Colajezzi Summoned Constellar Sombre, then bumped away Chung’s Set Dress with Pleiades.  She banished Pollux to take back Kaus with Sombre’s effect, then Summoned it, overlaying for Constellar Omega.  Colajezzi made a direct attack with it, and when Chung tried to stop Pleiades with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, Colajezzi chained Omega’s effect to force the attack through.  She Set another Spell or Trap.


Chung Summoned Bujin Yamato and after a long few moments spent thinking, he sent it to attack Omega: Bujingi Crane boosted Yamato to 3600 ATK, destroying Omega and pressing through 1200 Battle Damage.  He Set two cards to his back row, and in the End Phase Chung loaded his Graveyard with another Bujingi Turtle.  “Your go.”  The Duel stood at 3100 Life Points to 6800, with Colajezzi leading.

Colajezzi attacked Yamato with Pleiades, which Chung successfully denied with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow this time.  Colajezzi Summoned Constellar Sheratan in Main Phase 2: Chung flipped Fiendish Chain to negate its search effect. Colajezzi flipped Fire Formation – Tenki to get Constellar Kaus and ended.

Chung drew Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear.  He Summoned it after running some numbers, and Colajezzi responded with Bottomless Trap Hole; Chung chained Dress to protect it, then sent his Tenki to the Graveyard to destroy Pleiades.  Chung attacked Sheratan with Bear, Setting another Fire Formation – Tenki from his Deck, then made a direct attack with Yamato: Colajezzi went to 4700 Life Points.  Chung flipped that Tenki in Main Phase 2 to get another Yamato.  He used the on-field Yamato to get Bujingi Crane in his End Phase, discarding Bujingi Quilin.  “Just don’t draw a monster, and we’re all cool.”

Colajezzi flipped Dark Hole, destroying Yamato and Bear!  She Summoned Constellar Algieidi, Summoned Constellar Kaus, and bumped them both to Level 5 to make Constellar Pleiades.  She detached to bounce away Chung’s one Set monster and attacked for 2500 Battle Damage.

Chung Summoned another Yamato!  It attacked, and Colajezzi – pinned down under the threat of Bujingi Turtle – used Pleiades to take back her Tenki.  Chung powered over Pleiades with Crane, then Set two cards to his back row.  Chung loaded up another Bujingi Turtle.

Colajezzi used Tenki to get Constellar Kaus, then Set her last in-hand card that wasn’t Kaus to her back row.

Chung attacked with Yamato to lower Colajezzi to 1700 Life Points.  Chung had 600 LP himself.  In the End Phase he searched a Crane, giving up a Mirror Force to his Graveyard in trade.  He had two Turtles in his Graveyard.

Colajezzi drew to two in hand – one Kaus and one mystery card.  Time was called, so five turns would be played after this one.  Colajezzi Summoned Constellar Kaus, but Chung flipped Bottomless Trap Hole, and Colajezzi offered the handshake!

Rob Chung wins a huge back-and-forth Match after losing Game 1, moving on 5-0 with Bujins!