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Round 7 Feature Match: Loukas Peterson Versus Eric Dalton

August 31st, 2013

With two Rounds of play remaining here in Day 1, local Duelist Eric Dalton is 5-1 with a Deck we haven’t seen any other top table competitor running today: Lavalvals.  His opponent is Loukas Peterson, who traveled here from Tennessee this weekend to play Spellbooks.

Dalton kicked off the Match with a hand of Rekindling; Scapegoat; Mystical Space Typhoon; Return from the Different Dimension ; Laval Cannon; and Laval Volcano Handmaiden.  He Set Typhoon and Scapegoat.

Peterson revealed Spellbook Star Hall, Spellbook of Eternity; and Spellbook of Secrets to Special Summon High Priestess of Prophecy.  He Normal Summoned Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to add Spellbook Library of the Crescent to his hand, then activated it to pluck Spellbook of Fate, The Grand Spellbook Tower, and Spellbook of the Master from his Deck – Dalton gave him one at random and the other two were shuffled back.  Peterson banished Crescent to target Scapegoat for destruction with Priestess’ effect, and Dalton chained Scapegoat to Special Summon four Sheep Tokens.  He activated Star Hall, then Secrets to search Spellbook of Power.  He activated it to boost Priestess’ ATK, then played Master (revealing Eternity) to copy Secrets and fetch Spellbook of Wisdom from his Deck.  Priestess attacked a  Sheep to get Fate with Power’s effect, and Magician attacked a second Sheep.  Peterson Set three to finish his turn.


Dalton drew Pot of Duality and activated it, revealing Scapegoat, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, and another Duality.  He added the Duality to his hand and ended.  Peterson activated Spellbook of Fate in the End Phase, banishing three Spellbooks, and Dalton chained Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Peterson’s Set Spellbook of Wisdom.  Dalton lost another Sheep Token.  It wasn‘t the most devastating Spellbook of Fate of all time, but Dalton wasn’t getting anything going.  He really needed to pull this one out of the fire.

Peterson searched out another Spellbook of Fate with Spellbook of Secrets, then Summoned Temperance of Prophecy and activated its effect to Summon World of Prophecy from his Deck.  He used World to retrieve Spellbook of Fate and Spellbook of Wisdom, not using World’s destruction effect.  Spellbook of Eternity got him back Master; Master copied Secrets; and Peterson searched The Grand Spellbook Tower, adding an eighth Spell Counter to Spellbook Star Hall.  He controlled a combined 8300 ATK across his three monsters, so he used Priestess to destroy the last Sheep Token, then attacked with everything to win the Duel!

An awkward hand for Eric Dalton leaves him defenseless, while Loukas Peterson is more than ready to capitalize with High Priestess of Prophecy, World of Prophecy, and a flurry of Spellbooks!  One more win like that and Peterson would be in a great position heading into our last Round today.  But we’ve seen several big comebacks after losses in Game 1 today – Dalton wasn’t out of this yet.

Dalton had Rekindling; Scapegoat; Reinforcement of the Army; Swift Scarecrow; Laval Lakeside Lady; and Laval Cannon for Duel 2.  He Set Scapegoat.

Peterson activated Spellbook Library of the Crescent to get one of Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master, or Spellbook of Fate at random, then moved on to Summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, searching Secrets.  He used Secrets to get Master, activated that revealing Fate to get Tower, and activated it.  He attacked for 500 Battle Damage with Magician, then Set three cards to his backrow.  Dalton flipped Scapegoat.

He drew Laval Volcano Handmaiden and Summoned Lakeside Lady.  Peterson responded with Rivalry of Warlords, and Dalton destroyed the Lady – not looking good.  Reinforcement got him another Laval Cannon.

Peterson activated Tower’s effect to return Spellbook of the Master to the bottom of his Deck, drawing a card.  He Summoned Temperance of Prophecy, then banished two Spellbooks for Spellbook of Fate, turning a Sheep Token to Attack Position.  He used Fate’s effect to Special Summon High Priestess of Prophecy from his Deck, buffing her up with Spellbook of Power and swinging through the Attack Position Sheep Token for 3500 Battle Damage.  Power got him Spellbook of Secrets.  He activated it in Main Phase 2 to get Spellbook of Eternity, then switched Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to Defense Position.  Eternity got him back Secrets, and he Set a single Spell or Trap.


Dalton drew Cardcar D and Set Handmaiden.

Peterson got another free draw with Tower, returning Eternity, and used Secrets to search his Deck for another Magician.  He Summoned it to get another Power, and tried to overlay for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, but Dalton noted the Rivalry of Warlords.  He activated Power on Priestess, copied it with Master to boost Priestess to 4500 ATK, then turned another Sheep Token to attack mode with yet another Fate!  Dalton immediately offered the handshake.


Eric Dalton’s Laval Deck just can’t get off the ground, while Loukas Peterson hits the ground running not once, but twice to take a pair of quick wins!  For anyone wondering what the new Spellbook deck looks like?  That’s it, right there.