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The Most-Wanted Giant Card Of The Weekend Revealed!

August 31st, 2013

Two Giant-Sized promos are up for grabs in Attack Of The Giant Card!! public events.  The first is a swanky Blue-Eyes White Dragon, signed by Kaiba voice actor Eric Stuart.


But the second is the one that’s getting the most attention!  Fresh off its release in Judgment of the Light, World Premiere card Cockadoodledoo has been immortalized as a Giant-Sized Ultra Rare, complete with gold foil name stamp and holographic mirror foil accents.  If you thought the North American WCQ promos were cool – the first Giant-Sized promos ever to feature foil technology – the shining silver Cockadoodledoo here in Toronto just blows it out of the water.  It’s ridiculously awesome, and duelists are going pretty nuts for it.


Who will claim the Giant Cockadoodledoo?!  We’ll check back later this weekend when we find out!