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Quick Questions: The Top 3 Decks Of The Weekend!

September 1st, 2013

The new Advanced Format is wide open to all sorts of strategies, so we hit the tournament floor earlier in the weekend to ask Duelists what they thought would be the Top 3 decks to beat this weekend, here at YCS Toronto.  Answers were all over the place, but there was one big winner that almost every competitor pegged as a likely contender…

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Constellars, and Fire Fists.” De Zhu ~ Toronto, Ontario

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Evilswarms, and Mermails.” Jason Palin ~ Toronto, Ontario

“Infernity, Dragon Ruler Plants, and Dragunity.” Nicole Tipple ~ Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

“Dragon Ruler variants, Prophecy, and Dragunity.” Steffon Bizzell ~ Marietta, Georgia

“Spellbooks, Dragunities, and Mermails.”  Chris LeBlanc ~ Massachusetts

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Mermails, and Fire Fists.” Hong-Huy Tran-Vuong ~ Peterborough, Ontario

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Blackwings, and Evilswarm.” Andy Au ~ London, Ontario

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Spellbooks, and Evilswarm.”  Lucas Po ~ Toronto, Ontario

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Spellbooks, and Dark World.” Daniel Langsford ~ Mississauga, Ontario

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Mermails, Fire Fists.” Jake Cardwell ~Brantford, Ontario

“Dragon Ruler Plants, Fire Fists, and Mermails.”  Michael Boire ~ Brantford, Ontario

“Fire Fists, Infernities, and Madolche.” Colman Fung ~ Markham, Ontario

Dragon Ruler Plants was the most popular answer by far, uniting two of the most dominant strategies of the past few years into one killer Deck.  Dragon Ruler Plants have definitely delivered over the course of the weekend thus far, but picks like Dragunities, Mermails, Spellbooks, Madolches, and more all made the Top 32 as well.  We’re still waiting on the Top 16, and eight or nine different decks are still in contention – anything can happen, and it’s still far too early to forecast a winner here in Toronto.