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Round 10 Feature Match: David Wu Versus Desmond “Karakuri King” Johnson

September 1st, 2013

Desmond Johnson is back with yet another iteration of his signature Teleport Karakuris!  Hailing from Atlanta, Johnson has earned a reputation as North America’s most decorated Karakuri player over the past year, topping numerous Regional Qualifiers and YCS tournaments.  His opponent is David Wu, a Canadian citizen currently going to school in Boston, here competing in his first-ever YCS Day 2 with Madolches.  Both of these competitors are on the bubble with a 7-2 record.  A win here will lock one Duelist in for a seat in the Top 32, while a loss will likely put them out of the tournament.

The pressure is on!

Wu opened the Match with a hand of Madolchepalooza; Madolche Baaple; two Madolche Magileine; Madolche Messengelato; and Mystical Space Typhoon.  He Normal Summoned Magileine and used her effect to search out Madolche Mewfeuille.  He Set Typhoon and Madolchepalooza.

Johnson Special Summoned Solar Wind Jammer.  He activated Emergency Teleport to Special Summon Psychic Commander, then Synchro Summoned Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X “Bureido”.  He used it to Special Summon Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 “Nishipachi”, turning it to Attack Position with its own effect to draw a card with Bureido.  He then activated Instant Fusion to Special Summon Cyber Saurus, Synchro Summoning another Bureido with Strategist.  That let him Special Summon Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi”, Normal Summoning Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 “Inashichi”.  He used it to search Karakuri Cash Cache, activating it to turn Merchant to Defense Position and searching another Ninishi.  That got him another draw with Bureido.  One Bureido attacked over Magileine, sending her back to the Deck, and the next Bureido made a direct attack.  Wu dropped to 3800 Life Points.  Johnson Synchro Summoned Naturia Beast in Main Phase 2.


Wu drew Solemn Warning.  “Please don’t have ‘palooza, please” muttered Johnson.  “Don’t have ‘palooza!  I can’t top that!”  Wu Summoned Magileine: “No!  He’s got ‘palooza!  I just want my third top!”  Johnson laughed as Wu searched out Madolche Hootcake with Magileine’s ability.

“Madolchepalooza?” asked Wu, tentatively flipping it over.

“#$%&!”  Johnson reeled, and laughed again.  “It hurts even more when you know it’s the one thing that can beat you!”  Wu Summoned Hootcake, Baaple, Mewfeuille, and Messengelato!


Wu used Messengelato’s effect to get Madolche Ticket from his Deck, then overlaid Baaple and Mewfeuille to Xyz Summon M-X-Saber Invoker.  He activated its effect, detaching Mewfeuille to Special Summon another Messengelato – that one got him Madolche Chateau.  He overlaid the two Messengelato next for Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, using her ability to return Messengelato and Madolchepalooza to his Deck, bouncing both Bureidos back to Johnson’s Extra Deck.  He then banished Mewfuille for Hootcake’s ability, Special Summoning the Messengelato he’d just returned!  That got him back the Madolchepalooza, too!  He overlaid Messengelato and Magileine for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, turning Naturia Beast face-down, then activated Ticket and Chateau to return Messengelato to his Deck, searching Messengelato again, Special Summoning it to get another Chateau.  Maestroke attacked to destroy Naturia Beast, and everything else attacked to destroy Johnson’s Life Points!


David Wu turns the tables, as Desmond Johnson goes off early but gets styled on with Madolchepalooza and an even bigger string of explosive combos!  If Johnson’s the Karakuri King, would Wu emerge from this Match as the Prince of Pastries?!

Johnson Set three cards to his backrow to start Game 2.

Wu had Tour Guide from the Underworld; Madolche Magileine; Dimensional Prison; Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo; Madolche Ticket… and Fencing Ferret?!  He activated Ticket, then Normal Summoned Tour Guide to activate her effect: Johnson responded with Maxx “C”, drawing a card when Wu Summoned another Tour Guide from his Deck.  Wu made two direct attacks with the Tour Guides and Xyz Summoned Mechquipped Angineer in Main Phase 2.  He Set Prison.

Johnson Special Summoned Solar Wind Jammer, then Normal Summoned Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 “Nishipachi”.  He used its effect to turn Angineer to Defense Position on the Chain, but then went back to Attack Position when Strategist’s effect resolved.  It couldn’t be destroyed this turn, but Johnson could rack up some damage by pressing attacks over it; an intriguing situation.  Johnson Synchro Summoned Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X “Bureido” to Special Summoned Karakuri Soldier mdl 236 “Nisamu” from his Deck, then played Emergency Teleport to Special Summon Psychic Commander.  That got him Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” in Defense Position, which Special Summoned another Soldier.  Burei shifted it to Attack Position, allowing Johnson to draw with Bureido.  He moved to his Battle Phase and sent Soldier to slam into Angineer… or so it seemed.  He flipped Angineer with Book of Moon, destroying Angineer with the attack.  He pressed with Bureido, but lost it to Dimensional Prison!  He Set two more cards to his back row.

Wu drew Book of Moon himself.  He Set it, and Set Pachycephalo.

Johnson Normal Summoned Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 “Inashichi” to search his Deck for Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi”, then attacked with Soldier, losing it and Burei to Fossil Dyna’s effect when it flipped over.  Merchant made a direct attack for 500 Battle Damage.

Wu drew Maxx “C”, holding Magileine and Ferret with Book of Moon Set and Ticket on the field.  He Summoned Magileine, but Johnson tried to negate her effect with Fiendish Chain.  Wu chained his Book (“DON’T BE PALOOZA!” yelled Johnson as Wu flipped the card) to turn her face-down, getting Madolche Hootcake with her ability.

Johnson Normal Summoned Ninishi to Synchro Summon Naturia Beast, then ran over Magileine, sending her back to the Deck and triggering Ticket – Wu searched Madolche Mewfeuille.

Wu drew Dimensional Prison, Setting it and then Setting Fencing Fire Ferret.

Johnson passed.

Wu drew Solemn Warning and Summoned Madolche Hootcake: Johnson banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole, leaving Wu to Set Warning.

Johnson drew to four cards in hand, with two cards Set in his Spell and Trap Card Zone, plus Naturia Beast face-up.  Wu had two cards in hand, with Ticket active, two cards Set in his backrow, and the Fire Ferret face-down.  Johnson flipped Trap Stun!  He activated De-Synchro, targeting Naturia Beast: Wu Chained Maxx “C”, drawing Madolche Chateau when Johnson brought back his Ninishi and Merchant.  He Tributed the Merchant for Solar Wind Jammer, Synchro Summoned Stardust Dragon to give Wu Needle Ceiling, then ran over Fire Ferret.  He negated it with Stardust Dragon’s effect, and Wu drew Tragoedia when Stardust Dragon came back.

He drew Fiendish Chain next, now holding five cards to Johnson’s one.  Johnson just had Stardust Dragon with two backrows: that Maxx “C” had hurt him.  Wu Set a monster.

Johnson Summoned Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 “Inashichi” and searched his Deck for a Ninishi.  He attacked with Stardust; Wu flipped Dimensional Prison; and Johnson chained Trap Stun to force the attack through.  Wu lost his Mewfeuille, but Ticket’s effect triggered, getting Wu Madolche Hootcake.  Merchant poked for another 500 damage, and Wu Special Summoned Tragoedia.  Johnson paused a moment: “Oh… dear.”  Johnson had one Set backrow and two cards in hand.


Wu drew to five cards in hand, ripping another Fiendish Chain.  He shifted Tragoedia to Attack Position, and when he tried to move into the Battle Phase Johnson played Effect Veiler to reduce Tragoedia to 0 ATK for the turn.  Still in his Main Phase, Wu Normal Summoned Madolche Mewfeuille, Special Summoning Madolche Hootcake with Mewfeuille’s effect.  He then banished Fossil Dyna from his Graveyard for Hootcake’s ability, Special Summoning Madolche Messengelato from his Deck and searching Madolchepalooza.  He tried to Xyz Summon M-X-Saber Invoker, but Johnson flipped his one backrow card – Solemn Warning!  Wu Set both Fiendish Chains and Madolchepalooza.

Johnson drew to two cards and shuffled them.  “The hell do I do?”  He Normal Sumoned Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi”, then Tuned it to Merchant for Naturia Beast.  When he attacked Tragoedia with Stardust Dragon, Wu let it go, and took 1900 Battle Damage.  He didn’t attack with Naturia Beast.

Wu drew another Fencing Fire Ferret.  He switched Messengelato to attack, and rammed it into Naturia Beast to destroy it, sending it back to his Deck and triggering Ticket.  So Wu searched out Madolche Magileine, adding it to his hand, and in Main Phase 2 he Normal Summoned her, searching out another Madolche Messengelato.  He activated Madolchepalooza and Johnson chained Maxx “C”.  He Summoned two Messengelatos, then overlaid them for Madolche Queen Tiaramisu.  He used her to return Hootcake and Madolchepalooza back to his Deck, bouncing away the Naturia Beast and Stardust Dragon.  He had three Set backrows, two cards in hand, and Madolche Ticket.

Johnson drew to three cards in hand.  He Special Summoned Psychic Commander with Teleport, Normal Summoned Maxx “C”, and tried to attack with Ally of Justice Catastor, but when Wu hit him with Fiendish Chain he conceded the Match!


David Wu takes a 2-0 victory over Desmond Johnson, now locked in taking Madolches to the Top 32!