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Round 7: Angel Flores versus Anthony Watson

October 6th, 2013

Anthony Watson is a Stockton, CA, Duelist, here at his first YCS! He’s doing well so far with his Constellar Deck, but he may have hit a roadblock. His opponent is one of the South’s best Duelists, three-time YCS Champion Angel Flores! Angel came all the way from Tijuana, Mexico. He won his three YCS titles with HERO Decks in the past, but with Elemental HERO Stratos now Forbidden, he’s opted to use Dragon Rulers.

Duel 1

Watson began with Constellar Star Cradle, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Constellar Kaus, Constellar Pollux, and Constellar Algiedi. He Normal Summoned Pollux and Kaus, used Kaus’s effect on each of them, and Xyz Summoned Constellar Pleiades. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon and Star Cradle.

Flores used Cards of Consonance, discarding Dragunity Corseca. He played Dragon Ravine, discarding Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms to put Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos in the Graveyard. He revived Blaster, banishing Corseca and Tempest, adding Debris Dragon to his hand. Blaster attacked, and Pleiades bounced it away. Flores Set a monster and two back row cards.

Watson drew Reinforcement of the Army, which got another Pollux. He played it and Kaus, used Kaus’s effect twice, and Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh! Zenmaioh targeted Flores’s two cards, and Flores Chained Return from the Different Dimension. He Special Summoned Tempest and the Set monster: Card Trooper. Flores drew a card from Trooper, and Corseca was banished in the End Phase.

Flores discarded 2 Blasters to destroy Pleiades, but it bounced itself to the Extra Deck. He used Ravine next, but Watson Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to shut him down! Flores continued with Debris Dragon reviving Card Trooper, and Black Rose Dragon wiped the field! Flores banished Black Rose Dragon and Blaster to revive Tempest, then banished blaster and Debris to revive Tidal. He attacked with both, then Xyz Summoned Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. He made 2 Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens and ended.

Watson drew another Algiedi. He played both of them, and stacked them for Starliege Paladynamo! It used its effect and wiped out Dracossack.

Flores revived Tempest, then played Corseca. He tuned Corseca to a Mecha Phantom Beast Token for Armory Arm, equipped it to Tempest, and destroyed Paladynamo. Armory Arm kicked in, wiping out Watson’s remaining Life Points!

Angel Flores manages to take the first Duel. He’d played against Constellar in the last round as well, and felt like he knew exactly what to do in this matchup. Both Duelists went to begin Side Decking, and the next Duel was underway.

Duel 2


Watson started with Constellar Algiedi, Thunder King Rai-Oh, 2 Imperial Iron Walls, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Fire Formation – Tenki. Tenki searched out Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla, then he played Thunder King Rai-Oh backed by both Iron Walls.

Flores drew, and Watson flipped Iron Wall. Flores Normal Summoned Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. He attacked, then used Book of Moon to win the battle. He played Dragon Ravine next, discarding Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to add Corseca to his hand. He discarded it and Tempest next, adding Blaster to his hand. He discarded 2 Blasters to destroy Iron Wall.

Watson drew Gozen Match and Set it and Mystical Space Typhoon. He played Gorilla and used its effect, destroying Ravine.

Flores banished Redox and Tempest to bring back Blaster, adding another Redox and Tempest to his hand. Blaster and Kycoo attacked.

Watson drew Constellar Sombre. He played it and Algiedi, making Constellar Omega. Blaster returned to the hand.

Flores passed.

Watson drew Maxx “C”.

Flores discarded 2 Tempests to get Blaster, then discarded 2 Blaster to destroy Iron Wall. He banished Corseca and Blaster to Special Summon Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, and Watson Chained Maxx “C” to draw D.D. Crow. Tidal destroyed Omega.

Watson drew another Maxx “C”.

Flores tried to revive Blaster, banishing Tempest and Redox, and D.D. Crow hit the Blaster. Flores still got to add Redox and Debris Dragon to his hand. He played a new Dragon Ravine, pitching Tidal, but lost out to Mystical Space Typhoon. Flores Set a back row card.

Watson drew Solemn Warning and Set it.

Flores banished Tidal and Tempest for Blaster from the Graveyard, and Watson Chained Maxx “C” again, drawing a new Gozen Match. Blaster attacked directly, leaving Watson with 2000 Life Points.

Watson drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He used it to hit Flores’s back row, which he Chained: Compulsory Evacuation Device on his Blaster. Watson Set the extra Gozen Match.

Flores discarded 2 Tidals to put Card Trooper in his Graveyard. He played Debris next, hoping to revive it, but Watson used Gozen Match! Debris attacked.

Watson drew and Set Fiendish Chain.

Flores tried to take the win with Debris, but it was blocked by Fiendish Chain. Flores Set one to his back row.

Watson drew Bottomless Trap Hole and Set it.

Flores used Sacred Sword of Seven Stars with Redox. He played Charge of the Light Brigade next, losing Raigeki Break, Cards of Consonance, and Sacred Sword to get Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter. He played Raigeki Break next, discarding Dragon Ravine to destroy Fiendish Chain. Free to attack, Debris Dragon finished Watson off!

Angel Flores is victorious! Is he on his way to his fourth YCS victory?