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Round 8 Feature Match: Jeff Gomez versus Mickey Huynh

October 6th, 2013

Mickey Huynh is a Sacramento Duelist, packing Spellbooks today. The Spellbook Deck has a lot of great tricks, including the powerful Spellbook of Fate. Jeff Gomez made his way up from Downey, CA, and is using a Worm Deck! He’s using a suite of Worm cards, as well as other tricky stuff like Necrovalley and Imperial Iron Wall to shut down Dragon Rulers and Spellbook of Fate without hindering his own cards.

Duel 1

Gomez led with Honest, W Nebula Meteorite, Worm Xex, Worm Yagan, Mirror Force, and Fiendish Chain. He played Xex to send Yagan from the Deck to the Graveyard. He Special Summoned Yagan face-down with its effect, then Set his traps.

Huynh played Spellbook Library of the Crescent, choosing Spellbook of Fate, Spellbook of the Master, and Spellbook of Wisdom. One of them went to his hand, then he played Breaker the Magical Warrior, but Gomez used W Nebula Meteorite to turn everything face-up. That let Yagan bounce Breaker away. In the End Phase, W Nebula Meteorite turned his Worms face-down and he drew Worm King and Book of Moon. Then, he Special Summoned Worm King from his Deck!

Gomez drew Xex for his turn. He Flip Summoned his first Xex, then attacked with it and King. In Main Phase 2, he Set Book of Moon.

Huynh played Spellbook of Secrets to get Spellbook of the Master. He played Spellbook Magician of Prophecy next, Gomez Chained Fiendish Chain, Huynh Chained Spellbook of Wisdom, and Gomez Chained Book of Moon. Magician resolved normally, and Huynh got Spellbook of Fate. He Set two back row cards.

Gomez drew Royal Tribute? He used Worm King, Tributing Yagan and Xex to destroy Huynh’s Solemn Warning and Spellbook of Fate. He Set Yagan from his hand, then had King destroy Spellbook Magician. Worm King attacked directly, and Gomez Set Royal Tribute.

Huynh played Breaker, adding a Spell Counter t it. He played Spellbook of the Master next, copying Spellbook of Secrets to add Spellbook of Fate to his hand. Breaker destroyed the Royal Tribute, and Huynh gave a confused look. “Ok…” He continued, playing The Grand Spellbook Tower. Spellbook of Fate banished Crescent, Master, and Fate to banish Worm King. Breaker attacked into Mirror Force, and Huynh banished Spellbook Magician for Spellbook of Life in Main Phase 2, bringing Breaker back.

Gomez drew Necrovalley. He played Xex, sending Yagan to the Graveyard, then revived Yagan face-down. Xex attacked, and Gomez used Honest to beef up his Worm and end the first Duel!


Jeff Gomez controls the first Duel with the power of Worms! Mickey Huynh will have to take two in a row now if he wants to stay in this Match! Side Decking was swift. Gomez probably had a plan for this matchup, but Huynh certainly didn’t.

Duel 2

Huynh Set two back row cards.

Gomez had Book of Moon, Imperial Iron Wall, Forbidden Lance, 2 Pots of Duality, and Effect Veiler. He used Pot of Duality to reveal Effect Veiler, Dark Hole, and Worm Cartaros, and took Cartaros and Set it. He Set Lance, Book, and Iron Wall to finish.

Huynh played Temperance of Prophecy, then activated Spellbook of Power on it. Temperance attacked, but was blocked by Book of Moon. Huynh played Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Book of Moon to put Cartaros on top of Gomez’s Deck.

Gomez drew Cartaros again. He played Pot of Duality, revealing Mind Crush, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Dark Hole. He chose quickly Mind Crush, then Set it and Cartaros.

Huynh Normal Summoned Breaker, but it was negated by Effect Veiler.

Gomez drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He flipped up Cartaros, but it was negated by Solemn Warning.

Huynh attacked with Breaker.

Gomez drew another Mind Crush and Set it.

Breaker struck again, leaving Gomez with 4800 to Huynh’s 6000.

Gomez drew Compulsory Evacuation Device and Set it.

Breaker attacked directly once more.

Gomez drew a second Mystical Space Typhoon and passed.

Breaker attacked again, and Gomez had only 1600 remaining.

Gomez drew W Nebula Meteorite. He passed.

Huynh drew to seven cards in hand. He attacked with Breaker, and Gomez used Forbidden Lance to stay in the game! Huynh Normal Summoned Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, searching out Spellbook of Secrets, but lost it to Mind Crush. His hand was Spellbook of the Master, 2 Spellbook of Fate, World of Prophecy, D.D. Crow, and Spellbook Star Hall. He played Spellbook of the Master to copy Secrets, getting The Grand Spellbook Tower. He played that, and Set two back row cards. In the End Phase, Gomez flipped Imperial Iron Wall!

“Come on… Monster!” And he got… Necrovalley. With only 800 Life Points, he couldn’t survive any more attacks from Huynh’s Spellcasters!


Mickey Huynh fights back in a drawn out game, as Jeff Gomez’s only gets two monsters the whole Duel!

Duel 3

Gomez started the final game with Forbidden Lance, Dark Hole, Mystical Space Typhoon, Pot of Duality, Fiendish Chain, and Worm King. Pot of Duality let him take Worm Cartaros, returning Worm Xex and Imperial Iron Wall to the Deck. He Set Cartaros, Lance, and Fiendish Chain.

Huynh played Temperance of Prophecy, then Spellbook Library of the Crescent. He picked Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master, and Spellbook of Wisdom, adding one of them to his hand. He played Master next, revealing Fate to copy Crescent. He picked Tower, Wisdom, and Secrets, again adding one of them to his hand. He played Secrets next, getting Wisdom. He used Temperance’s effect, and Special Summoned World of Prophecy, Gomez Chained Fiendish Chain, and Huynh Chained Wisdom to protect it. World added Secrets and Master to his hand. He Set three back row cards.

Gomez drew Necrovalley. He played it, then Flip Summoned Cartaros, but it was negated by Huynh’s Effect Veiler. Gomez Tributed Cartaros for Worm King and Set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Huynh played Secrets, getting Tower. He played it, but it was destroyed by Mystical Space Typhoon before it resolved.

Gomez drew Compulsory Evacuation Device and Set it. In the End Phase, Huynh played Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Master to put Worm King on top of the Deck, but Gomez saved it with Forbidden Lance.

In Huynh’s Standby Phase, Gomez tried to use Compulsory Evacuation Device on World, but Huynh flipped Royal Decree! Spellbook Magician of Prophecy came down, getting Tower to replace Necrovalley. Finally, Huynh banished Worm King thanks to Spellbook of Fate! “I’m not walking into Honest.” “But Honest is so fun!” World of Prophecy attacked directly, followed by Spellbook Magician.

Gomez drew Effect Veiler and wiped the field with Dark Hole.

Huynh drew his extra card from Tower, and time in the round was called. The Life Points stood at 4600 to 8000, with Huynh leading. He played Temperance, Set a card, then used Spellbook of Fate banishing one card to return his own Set card. He’d done that because he wanted to use Temperance, but Gomez negated it first with Effect Veiler! Temperance attacked directly to finish.

Gomez drew Pot of Duality, revealing Book of Moon and 2 copies of Offerings to the Snake Deity. He took Book and Set it.

Huynh used Tower to return Fate and draw a card. He played Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to add Secrets to his hand, and attacked with Magician and Temperance. He played Secrets to get Master, then Master revealed Spellbook Magician to copy Secrets, getting Fate. He Set it.

Gomez drew Mystical Space Typhoon, and offered the handshake!

Jeff Gomez once again gets only one usable monster, and has it negated again! Mickey Huynh is able to lock him down with Royal Decree, laying the down the damage with World of Prophecy! He’s got a great shot at making it to Day 2 now with Spellbooks.