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Top 16 Feature Match: Christian Sagabaen versus Jovanny Castillo

October 8th, 2013

We’re in the second round of Single Elimination now, and Christian Sagabaen is the lone Geargia Duelist still in the tournament. He’s up against Jovanny Castillo, a Dragon Ruler Duelist. Each of these Decks is capable of making explosive plays, so this ought to be a great match!

Duel 1

Sagabaen began with Geargiagear, Mirror Force, Maxx “C”, Torrential Tribute, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 “Saizan”. He Set Saizan and all of his traps.

Castillo used Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Tempest. He added another Tempest to his hand. He Normal Summoned Card Trooper next, sending Waboku, Torrential Tribute, and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the Graveyard. Card Trooper attacked into Mirror Force, and Castillo drew a card. In Main Phase 2, he played Dragon Ravine, discarded Tempest, but lost Ravine to Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set two, with three still in hand. In the End Phase, Sagabaen used Geargiagear to Special Summon Geargiano and Geargiano Mk-II.

Sagabaen drew Genex Ally Birdman. When he moved to his Main Phase 1, Castillo flipped Vanity’s Emptiness. Sagabaen sent his Machines to attack, and passed.

Castillo banished Tempest for Sacred Sword, and searched out Debris Dragon. Vanity’s Emptiness destroyed itself when Sacred Sword hit the Graveyard. Castillo played Debris to get Card Trooper, and Sagabaen Chained Maxx “C”. Trooper sent Blaster, Dragunity Corsesca, and Maxx “C” to the Graveyard, then Castillo Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon! The field was cleared, revealing that Castillo’s Set card had been Enemy Controller. He banished Debris and Blaster to bring Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls from his hand, and Blaster gave him Flamvell Guard. Tidal struck directly, and in Main Phase 2 Castillo pitched Flamvell Guard for Cards of Consonance. He Set two back row to finish.

Sagabaen drew Geargiarsenal. He now had 2 Geargiarsenal, 2 Pot of Duality, and Birdman after his Maxx “C” last turn. He played Geargiarsenal and used it to bring out Geargiarmor, then turned it face-down. He Set both Pots before finishing, and Tidal returned to the hand.

Castillo used Sacred Sword, banishing Tidal and adding another Tidal to his hand. He played Debris Dragon, revived Card Trooper again, and Synchro Summoned another Black Rose Dragon! Sagabaen conceded immediately, knowing he was done for with Castillo’s Graveyard full of Dragon Rulers.

Sagabaen manages to draw a ton with Maxx “C”, but he wasn’t expecting another Black Rose Dragon! Castillo takes the first win!


Duel 2

Sagabaen started this time with 2 Vanity’s Emptiness, Imperial Iron Wall, Geargiano Mk-II, Debunk, and Geargiarsenal. He played Geargiarsenal, and Castillo Chained to its effect with Maxx “C”. Sagabaen brought Geargiarmor to the field and turned it face-down. He Set Iron Wall, Debunk, and Emptiness.

Castillo drew, and Sagabaen immediately used Imperial Iron Wall. Castillo Set three back row cards.

Sagabaen drew Dark Hole. He flipped Geargiarmor and searched out Geargiaccelerator. Geargiarmor attacked directly, then was turned face-down.

Castillo Set a fourth card in his back row.

Sagabaen drew D.D. Crow. He flipped Geargiarmor once again, getting another Geargiaccelerator. He Special Summoned it and stacked his monsters for Gear Gigant X, and Castillo flipped Skill Drain. Gear Gigant X attacked directly.

Castillo passed.

Sagabaen drew Book of Moon, and Gear Gigant X struck directly again. He Set Book of Moon to finish.

Castillo played Mystical Space Typhoon to finally destroy Imperial Iron Wall. He flipped Sacred Sword of Seven Stars next, banishing Tempest and searching out Dragunity Corsesca. He flipped over Cards of Consonance next, ditching Debris Dragon for two new cards. Castillo activated Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders in his hand, banishing Debris and Maxx “C”, and Sagabaen Chained Vanity’s Emptiness! Castillo Set a back row card.

Sagabaen drew Geargiagear. He Normal Summoned Geargiaccelerator and moved to the Battle Phase. He started to attack, Castillo tried to use Swift Scarecrow, and Sagabaen forced his attacks through with Debunk!

Sagabaen locks the game down, preventing Castillo from making any moves whatsoever!


Duel 3

Castillo Set a monster and a back row.

Sagabaen had Geargiarsenal, Geargiarmor, Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 “Saizan”, Geargiagear, Imperial Iron Wall, and Book of Moon. He played Geargiarsenal and used it to bring Geargiarmor to the field. He turned it face-down and Set Geargiagear, Book, and Iron Wall.

Iron Wall was flipped immediately, and Castillo only Set a second back row.

Sagabaen drew Geargiarsenal. He flipped Geargiarmor to search out Geargiaccelerator. He Special Summoned it, then Normal Summoned Saizan. Geargiarmor went face-down again, then he tuned Saizan to Geargiaccelerator for Stardust Dragon. Stardust attacked and destroyed Debris Dragon.

Castillo played Dragon Ravine, discarding Sacred Sword of Seven Stars to put Tidal in the Graveyard. In the End Phase, Sagabaen used Geargiagear to Special Summon Geargiano and Geargiano Mk-II!

Sagabaen drew Geargiaccelerator. He flipped up Geargiarmor and added another Geargiaccelerator to his hand. He Special Summoned it, then stacked it with Geargiano Mk-II for Gear Gigant X! Gear Gigant X let him put Genex Ally Birdman in his hand. He Special Summoned Geargiaccelerator, then Tributed Geargiano to revive Saizan. He turned Geargiarmor face-down, then tuned Saizan to Geargiaccelerator for Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X “Bureido”! Bureido Special Summoned Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 “Nishipachi” from the Deck, and its effect turned Geargiarmor face-up. That let him search out Geargiarsenal. Finally, he moved to his Battle Phase. Nishipachi, Geargiarmor, and Gear Gigant X attacked successfully. When Stardust Dragon attacked, Book of Moon turned it face-down. Bureido attacked directly, and in Main Phase 2, Sagabaen tuned Nishipachi to Geargiarmor for Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”! Buei Special Summoned Saizan from the Deck, then turned Stardust Dragon face-up again!

Krazy Karakuri

Castillo Set a monster.

Sagabaen drew Geargiarmor. Burei turned Debris face-up, but Waboku saved it. He turned Saizan to defense position to draw Compulsory Evacuation Device with Bureido, then got Geargiano Mk-II with Gear Gigant X. He Set Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Castillo Set a third back row card, and turned Debris to defense position.

Sagabaen drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He switched Saizan to attack position and drew Maxx “C”. Burei tried to shift Debris, but fell to Divine Wrath. Sagabaen’s Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Sacred Sword. He played Geargiano Mk-II, tuned it to Saizan for another Burei, and Castillo was shaking his hand!

Christian Sagabaen is moving on to the Top 8 with Geargia!