Top Table Update: Round 10

October 6th, 2013

It’s Sunday, and Round 10 is about to begin! Here are the top twenty Duelists.

Table 1: Alexander Juneja (Dragon Ruler) vs. Yueqi Zhu (Dragunity)
Table 2: Samuel Hsieh (Dragon Ruler) vs. Clayton Arvizu (Dragon Ruler)
Table 3: Brenden Beckmann (Dragon Ruler) vs. Logan Johnson (Dragon Ruler)
Table 4: Billy Brake (Dragon Ruler) vs. Angel Flores (Dragon Ruler)
Table 5: Justin Thomas (Dragunity) vs. Merlin Schumacher (Dragon Ruler)
Table 6: Manuel Lopez (Dragon Ruler) vs. Jovanny Castillo (Dragon Ruler)
Table 7: Desmond Boyd (Evilswarm) vs. Alec Geslani (Fire Fist)
Table 8: William Montes (Evilswarm) vs. Michael Klasel (Spellbook)
Table 9: Admassu Williams (Dragon Ruler) vs. Jorge Romo (Geargia)
Table 10: Patrick Hoban (Dragon Ruler) vs. Steven Corwin (Dragon Ruler)