YCS First-Timers!

October 5th, 2013

We’re here at YCS San Mateo, with a huge turnout of 1220 people! Many of those people are experienced Duelists, but for others, it’s their first time attending a YCS. Here’s a few of San Mateo’s YCS first-timers!

Kyle Reese is sixteen, and made the trip here from Phoenix, Oregon. He’s using a Chaos Agent Deck, packing Trap Stuns. His reaction to the event? “I’m stunned! It’s awesome, there’s just so many Yu-Gi-Oh! players!” He said that his usual local tournaments tend to have about eight or twelve players, and the YCS had left him simply shocked. Here’s Kyle showing off his favorite card, which he got signed moments ago by Billy Brake – Baby Tiragon!

Kyle Reese2

Twelve-year-old Nick Spigner is here from Sacremento, and he brought along his Fire Fist Deck to play in the Main Event. He said the event was already really fun, even though Round 1 hadn’t yet begun. He also noted that there were a lot of people here. Nick decided to show off his favorite card in his Deck, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear!

Nick Spigner2

Taylor Brown is thirteen, and came here from Sacremento with his friend Nick. He’s packing a Wind-Up Deck today for the Main Event. He’s having fun, though he said it wasn’t actually as busy as he expected (Side note: We spoke to Taylor before the event started. It definitely got busy.). Taylor’s shown here with his favorite card, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole!

Taylor Brown2

Good luck to our first-timers, as well as all of the Duelists here at YCS San Mateo!