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Dragon Duel at the Bogota Columbia Extravaganza

December 12th, 2013

Here are Your Dragon Duel winners.


Dragon Duel info (from left to right)

Name – Owen Lopez Garcia
Age 11
Lives in Bogota
My dad tought me how to play, being that he plays as well.
Deck – Machine Warriors
1st place

Name  – Andres Felipe Jimenez
Age 11
From Cali Colombia
Has been playing for the past 4 months
I started playing because I saw the game at a convention and I thought it was cool.
Deck – Mermail
2nd place

Name – Santiago Cubillos
Age 10
Lives in Bogota, Colombia
deck – Blue Eyes
3rd place

Name – Tomas Cleves
Age 8
Lives in Bogota Colombia
Deck – Chaos Dragon
4th place