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Dragon Duel Finals: Giovanna Calderon versus Oliver Hinton

February 3rd, 2014

This is it! These two Duelists have each won a Dragon Duel tournament this weekend, and now they’re facing off to determine who’s the YCS Atlanta Dragon Duel Champion! Giovanna Calderon is using her Bujin Deck that won the Saturday tournament, and Oliver Hinton is using the Evilswarm Deck he’d won today’s tournament with. The winner here will receive

Duel 1

Hinton began with Upstart Goblin, followed by Rescue Rabbit, and Calderon used Effect Veiler on it. He banished the Rabbit and Set four cards.

Calderon’s hand was Solemn Warning, Fire Formation – Tenki, Bujingi Crane, Bujingi Peacock, and drew another Peacock. She played Tenki and lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon, then Normal Summoned Crane. She entered he Battle Phase, then went directly to Main Phase 2 so she could use Peacock. She added Bujin Yamato to her hand, and Set Warning.

Hinton flipped Infestation Infection, returning Evilswarm Kerykeion to the Deck to add Evilswarm Castor to his hand. He played it, then played Evilswarm Heliotrope. He Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Ophion, and lost it to Calderon’s Solemn Warning.

Calderon drew Bottomless Trap Hole. Crane attacked directly, then she used Peacock to search out Bujin Mikazuchi. She tried to Normal Summon Yamato, but Hinton paid 2000 Life Points for his own Solemn Warning. Calderon Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Hinton Set a back row card.

Calderon drew and played Pot of Duality, revealing Mystical Space Typhoon, Honest, and Forbidden Lance. She took the Lance, then attacked with Crane again. She Set Lance and passed.

Hinton Normal Summoned Evilswarm Kerykeion, Calderon played Bottomless Trap Hole, and Hinton saved Kerykeion with Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Calderon drew another Yamato! She played it and attacked with both monsters. When Yamato attacked, Hinton used Fiendish Chain, but Calderon used Forbidden Lance to force the attack through. In Main Phase 2 she Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy in defense position, and it dealt 800 damage to end the first Duel!

Duel 2

Hinton played Evilswarm Thunderbird with three back row cards.

Calderon had Mystical Space Typhoon, Bujincarnation, Solemn Warning, 2 Bujingi Quilin, and drew a second Typhoon. She Set Quilin, Warning, and both Typhoons, but lost Warning to Hinton’s Dust Tornado.

Hinton Normal Summoned Evilswarm Heliotrope. Thunderbird destroyed Quilin in battle, then Heliotrope dealt 1950 damage. In Main Phase 2, Hinton Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Ophion, using it to search out Infestation Pandemic. He Set two cards to his back row, losing the original two Set cards to Calderon’s pair of Mystical Space TyphoonBook of Moon and Torrential Tribute.

Calderon drew Bujingi Hare and Set it.

Hinton used Ophion again, getting another Infestation Pandemic – he didn’t need Ophion to have Xyz Materials in this matchup. He played Evilswarm Kerykeion, banishing Heliotrope to get back Thunderbird. Next, he Normal Summoned Mandragora, and Xyz Summoned another Ophion. That one used its effect to get Infestation Infection. One Ophion destroyed Hare in battle, and the other attacked directly to leave Caldern with 3500 Life Points. Hinton Set one more card to his back row.

Calderon drew Bujin Regalia – The Sword. She Set it and Quilin.

Hinton used Infestation Infection, returning Thunderbird to the Deck to get Kerykeion. Then, Ophion searched out his third copy of Infestation Pandemic. Kerykeion came down, banishing Mandragora to return another Kerykeion to the hand. Hinton Summoned that as well, and he Xyz Summoned his third Ophion!

One Ophion destroyed Quilin, then the others attacked directly to end this Duel!


Oliver Hinton evens the score! The winner of this last Duel will be the YCS Atlanta Dragon Duel Champion!

Duel 3

Calderon began this time with a hand of Black Horn of Heaven, Fire Formation – Tenki, Bujin Mikazuchi, Bujingi Crane, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, and Bujingi Quilin. She led with Tenki, grabbing Bujin Yamato. She played that, Set Black Horn of Heaven, and moved to the End Phase. Yamato searched out Bujingi Hare, then discarded it.

Hinton hit Black Horn of Heaven with Mystical Space Typhoon, then Set three back row cards.

Calderon drew Bujingi Peacock. She sent Yamato in for 1900 damage, and moved to the End Phase. She wanted to use Yamato’s effect, but Hinton flipped Light-Imprisoning Mirror!

Hinton destroyed Yamato with Dark Hole, which let Calderon Special Summon Bujin Mikazuchi from her hand in attack position. Hinton spun it away with Compulsory Evacuation Device, then played Evilswarm Castor for 1750 damage. He Set one more back row card.

Calderon drew Mystical Space Typhoon and played it right away, blasting the Light-Imprisoning Mirror. She played Mikazuchi once again, and it destroyed Castor in battle. She used Peacock in Main Phase 2, searching out Bujin Yamato.

Hinton Set a back row card and passed.

Calderon drew Mystical Space Typhoon and hit the newest card, Fiendish Chain. She played Yamato, and attacked with both of her Beast-Warriors. Hinton had 1950 Life Points remaining after the assault. At the end of the turn, Yamato searched out and discarded Bujingi Turtle, and Mikazuchi added Bujincarnation to Calderon’s hand.


Hinton Set a back row card again.

Calderon drew Fiendish Chain. She attacked with Mikazuchi, and Dust Tornado destroyed Tenki, leaving Hinton with 50 Life Points – but it wasn’t enough, because he had no way to stop Yamato’s attack!

Giovanna Calderon is your YCS Atlanta Dragon Duel Champion, with Bujins!