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QQ: Which Deck Are You Using This Weekend?

February 2nd, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The January 1st, 2014 Forbidden & Limited List is in effect for the first time at a North American YCS this weekend, and Duelists are still experimenting with different Decks to see which ones work best for them. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Decks they’re piloting under the new Forbidden & Limited List, and why they chose to use these Decks. Check out their responses!


“Exodia! Yugi did it!” –Joseph Maddalena


“Dark World, because it can’t lose.” –Benedikt Junk


“Zombies.” –Augustus Strowbridge


“Fire Fist because it searches for everything it needs.” –Pedro Isidro


“Dark Worlds.” –Austin Starks


Sea Lancer Frogs, because Sea Lancer is a Beast-Warrior so Tiger King can’t negate it.” –Pasquale Crociata


“Fire Fists.” –Brandon Wigley


“Fire Kings.” –Jamal Niles


“Watt Hunders. It’s a consistent Deck.” –Kelvin Beal


“Geargia, because it’s good.” –Perry Divan


“Karakurai Geargia.” –Garrett Byrd


“Fire Fist. It’s the most consistent Deck.” –Christian Georges


“Hieratics. Hieratics are in my blood.” –Zachary Leverett


“Junk Dragons, because it’s a toolbox Deck that answers everything.” –Richard Frailley


“Geargia. I topped with it before and have a good understanding of it.” –Jarel Winston


“Inzektors. It blows up cards on the field.” –Dylan Shore


“Noble Knights. My friend convinced me to play it.” –Justin Akow