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Round 2 Feature Match: Danny Bassous versus Thomas Lippman

February 1st, 2014

Round 2 is underway, and we’re here with Danny Bassous from New Jersey. He’s using Fire Fists, a popular choice in today’s tournament. His opponent is Thomas Lippman, who’s from Daytona Beach, FL. He’s packing an Archfiend Deck, featuring the new Archfiend Commander. It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Lippman began Round 2 with a hand of 2 Archfiend Palabyrinth, Archfiend Cavalry, Fiendish Chain, Falling Down, and Archfiend Heiress. He Set Heiress, Fiendish Chain, and Falling Down.

Bassous played Pot of Duality, revealing Upstart Goblin, Torrential Tribute, and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. He opted for Upstart Goblin, and played it right away. He looked a bit disappointed with that result. He used Fire Formation – Gyokkou , then played Bear and sent Gyokkou, destroying Archfiend Heiress. That searched out Archfiend Commander. Bear attacked, Lippman used Fiendish Chain, but Bassous played Forbidden Lance to force the attack through. Bear searched out Fire Formation – Tenki, and he played it to search out another Bear. He Set a back row card.

Lippman drew Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror. He played Archfiend Cavalry, then Archfiend Palabyrinth. He stole Bear with Falling Down, and entered his Battle Phase. Cavalry hit for 2400 damage (Bear couldn’t attack due to Fiendish Chain). In Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summoned Lavalval Chain, and detached Cavalry to send Archfiend Heiress to the Graveyard. That let him add Archfiend’s Roar to his hand, and he Set it. He Special Summoned Archfiend Commander, and it destroyed Archfiend Palabyrinth.


Bassous Summoned Bear, which sent Tenki to the Graveyard to destroy Lavalval Chain. He Set a second face-down card in his back row.

Lippman drew Mystical Space Typhoon, and Normal Summoned Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror, prompting Bassous to use his Torrential Tribute. Lippman Set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Bassous played Coach Soldier Wolfbark, bringing Bear back to the field. He stacked them for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King and added Tensu to his field, and Lippman destroyed it straight away with Mystical Space Typhoon. Tiger King attacked directly.

Lippman drew Archfiend Commander. He played Archfiend’s Roar, targeting Archfiend Cavalry, but Bassous negated it with Seven Tools of the Bandit!

Bassous played Bear and attacked with both his monsters. Bear gave him Tenki, which then gave him Wolfbark. He Set one back row card.

Lippman drew Trance Archfiend and Normal Summoned it. He played Archfiend Palabyrinth next, and destroyed Bear in battle. In Main Phase 2, Lippman Special Summoned Archfiend Commander and destroyed Archfiend Palabyrinth.

Bassous played Wolfbark to get back the Bear. He put them together to bring down Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King. That gave him Tenki, and he searched out Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla. His pair of Tiger Kings destroyed Lippman’s monsters, leaving him with nothing left.

Lippman drew his last card, Dark Armed Dragon, with way too many DARK monsters to use it!

Danny Bassous takes the first Duel, slowly grinding out Lippman’s Archfiends. The Duelists used their Side Decks quickly, and we were on to the next Duel.

Duel 2

Lippman began with Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror, Fiendish Chain, Torrential Tribute, Falling Down, and 2 Mystical Space Typhoons. He Set the Typhoons and traps.

Bassous played Tenki and lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon. Bassous Set four cards as well.

Lippman drew Effect Veiler and passed.

Bassous Set a fifth card and passed.

Lippman drew Archfiend’s Roar and Set it.

Bassous passed.

Lippman drew Archfiend Cavalry, and Normal Summoned Archfiend Emperor. Bassous banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole.

Bassous passed.

Lippman drew another Effect Veiler. He played Cavalry, but Bassous used Chaos Trap Hole to banish it!

Bassous Set a back row card.

Lippman drew Bottomless Trap Hole and lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.

Bassous Set a card to his back row.

Lippman drew Archfiend Commander and passed.

Bassous tried another Tenki, and lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon.

Lippman drew and Set Archfiend Heiress.

Bassous passed.

Lippman drew Tour Guide From the Underworld! He flipped Heiress and attacked into Dimensional Prison. In Main Phase 2 he played Tour Guide, Bassous played Fiendish Chain, and Lippman Chained Torrential Tribute! Tour Guide was destroyed, meaning it was safe from Fiendish Chain. Tour Guide’s effect brought Archfiend Heiress to the field in defense position.

Bassous Set a third back row card.

Lippman drew Archfiend Heiress. He Special Summoned Archfiend Commander, and Bassous negated its effect with Fiendish Chain. Archfiend Heiress attacked directly, and Lippman Set his other Heiress.

Bassous Set another back row card.

Lippman drew another Archfiend Commander! He Special Summoned it, destroying Heiress. That searched out Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror. He stacked his Commanders to Xyz Summon Constellar Ptolemy M7. He tried to add Commander back to his hand, but Ptolemy M7 was negated by Bassous’s Effect Veiler. Lippman Normal Summoned Archfiend Emperor next, banishing Commander to destroy Bassous’s Mirror Force. Lippman flipped up his Heiress and finally entered his Battle Phase. He struck with his three monsters, and Bassous had no way to stop it!

Thomas Lippman evens things up! Bassous couldn’t seem to draw a monster to save him, and Lippman capitalized! There’s one final Duel to determine our winner.

Duel 3

Bassous used Pot of Duality to start off, choosing Chaos Trap Hole over Dust Tornado or Forbidden Lance. He played Cardcar D, Set four back row cards, then traded Cardcar for two new cards.

Lippman had Mystical Space Typhoon, Heiress, Overworked, Trance Archfiend, Mirror Force, and Eradicator Epidemic Virus. He Set everything but Trance Archfiend.

Lippman Set a back row card.

Lippman drew Needle Ceiling and Set it, and Set Trance Archfiend.

Bassous Set a fifth back row card.

Lippman drew Tour Guide From the Underworld. He flipped up Heiress, and Bassous banished it with Chaos Trap Hole. He played Tour Guide next, Bassous Chained Fiendish Chain, Lippman Chained Mystical Space Typhoon, but Bassous Chained Torrential Tribute! Torrential Tribute wiped out all monsters, then Tour Guide brought Heiress to the field in defense position. (Lippman could not activate Trance Archfiend‘s optional effect because it has to activate immediately when its destroyed.  It can’t activate during a resolving chain.)


Bassous played Fire Formation – Gyokkou, locking down Eradicator Epidemic Virus. He played Fire Formation – Tenki next, adding Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla to his hand. He played Gorilla, and sent Tenki away to target Lippman’s Overworked, which he Chained, and Bassous Chained Book of Moon to save his Gorilla!

Lippman drew and Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Bassous flipped Gorilla, and when Lippman used Bottomless Trap Hole, Bassous saved it with Compulsory Evacuation Device. He activated Tenki to grab Coach Soldier Wolfbark, then played Gorilla. It sent Tenki to destroy Needle Ceiling, then Gorilla destroyed Heiress. Both monsters activated their effects – Heiress searched out Archfiend’s Roar, and Gorilla Set Fire Formation – Tensu from the Deck. He played it in Main Phase 2, and Normal Summoned Bear. He stacked Bear and Gorilla for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Cardinal! Cardinal returned Lippman’s Heiress and Needle Ceiling from the Graveyard to the Deck, while also recycling Bassous’s own Fire Formations.

Lippman drew Dark Armed Dragon. He Set Archfiend’s Roar.

Bassous played Wolfbark and got back Bear. He stacked them for Bujintei Kagutsuchi, which sent five Spells and Traps to the Graveyard. He played Tenki next, getting another Wolfbark. He attacked with everything, right into Mirror Force! Kagutsuchi detached a material to survive the Mirror Force and continued to attack. Lippman tried to block that attack with Archfiend’s Roar reviving Trance Archfiend, but Bassous had Bottomless Trap Hole! Kagutsuchi struck directly.

Lippman drew Archfiend Commander. He passed.

Bassous attacked with Kagutsuchi again.

Lippman drew Falling Down, but with no way to play it, he conceded defeat!

Danny Bassous wins a hardfought battle, finally taking the win with Fire Fists!