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Top 16 Feature Match: Stephen Silverman versus Joseph Bogli

February 2nd, 2014

Joseph Bogli finished the Swiss Rounds with a perfect 11-0 record using his Fire Fist Deck, Stephen Silverman ended the Swiss Rounds with a 9-2 record using his Prophecy Deck. But now, the field has been leveled. Silverman and Bogli have just finished constructing their draft Decks and will be putting them to the test in this Top 16 Feature Match! It’s time to Duel!



Duel One


Bogli started off Duel 1 by Setting a card to each zone.


Joseph Bogli


Silverman opened up with Cardcar D, Fortress Warrior, Cloning, Destiny Hero – Defender, Stim-Pack, and Berserk Gorilla.


Silverman's Duel 1 Opening Hand


He Summoned Berserk Gorilla and attacked Bogli’s face-down Bacon Saver, destroying it in battle. He Set Cloning before passing.


Bogli Summoned Chiron the Mage, and Silverman flipped Cloning to Summon a Clone Token with 1800 ATK. Bogli equipped Chiron with Black Pendant to increase its ATK by 500 and then attacked the Token to destroy it. Bogli Set a back row and then passed his turn.


Silverman drew Otohime. He Summoned it to the field and used its effect to switch Chiron into Defense Position. Silverman attacked the Defense Position Chiron with Berserk Gorilla, but Bogli flipped Zero Gravity! All monsters changed battle position, and Berserk Gorilla was destroyed because it switched into Defense Position. Silverman ended his turn, returning Otohime to his hand.


Bogli Summoned Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke and attacked directly with Chiron and his Ninja. Silverman dropped down to 3400 Life Points.


Silverman drew Goblin Elite Force next turn. He Set Destiny Hero – Defender and then passed his turn.


Bogli attacked Silverman’s face-down Defender with Chrion, losing 400 Life Points, and then Summoned Toon Gemini Elf in Main Phase 2. He opted not to destroy Defender by attacking it with his Ninja, since he wanted to draw an extra card from Defender’s effect on his next turn.


Silverman drew Medium of the Ice Barrier next turn. He Special Summoned it to the field and then Normal Summoned Goblin Elite Attack Force. He activated Stim-Pack to increase the ATK of Medium of the Ice Barrier and then attacked Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke with Goblin Elite Attack Force to destroy it. Bogli flipped Time Machine to Summon his Ninja back to the field. Next, Medium attacked Chrion, and Bogli protected it by banishing Bacon Saver from his Graveyard to negate the attack. Silverman switched his Elite Attack Force into Defense Position with its effect and then ended his turn.


Bogli drew an extra card due to the effect of Defender on his next turn, and then activated Graceful Charity! He drew 3 cards and discarded Big Bang Shot and Ribbon of Rebirth. Next, he discarded Book of Moon to destroy Stim-Pack with Chiron’s effect. He attacked Defender with his Ninja to destroy it, attacked Medium with Chrion to destroy it, and then attacked Goblin Elite Attack Force with Toon Gemini Elf to destroy it. Silverman was left with no monsters.


Silverman Set a monster and passed, overwhelmed by Bogli’s field.


Bogli activated Embodiment of Apophis and Tributed it for Frostasaurus. Bogli’s 4 monsters wiped out Silverman’s remaining monster and the rest of his Life Points.


4 Monsters


Jospeh Bogli takes the first Duel! Stephen Silverman will be going first in Duel 2!


Duel Two


Silverman opened up Duel 2 with D.D. Warrior Lady, Cardcar D, Tiki Soul, Hedge Guard, Skill Successor, and Dimension Gate. He Set all 3 Traps to his back row and then Summoned Cardcar D. He Tributed it to draw Stim-Pack and Berserk Gorilla, ending his turn.


Stephen Silverman


Bogli Summoned Hypnocorn and attacked directly with it, dropping Silverman down to 6600 Life Points.


Silverman drew Card Guard. He Summoned Berserk Gorilla and then attacked Hypnocorn. Bogli lost 600 Life Points and his Hypnocorn was destroyed.


Bogli Summoned Tardy Orc next turn. He Set a card to his back row and passed.


Silverman drew Tiki Curse. He Summoned D.D. Warrior Lady and then attacked Tardy Orc with his Warrior Lady. Bogli flipped Zero Gravity to change the battle position of all monsters, and Silverman flipped Dimension Gate to try to banish his Berserk Gorilla; but Bogli flipped Dark Bribe to negate it! All monsters switched into Defense Position and Berserk Gorilla was destroyed by its own effect. Silverman Set Tiki Curse before ending his turn.


Bogli switched Tardy Orc into Attack Position and attacked D.D. Warrior Lady. Silverman banished both monsters with his Warrior Lady’s effect. Bogli Set a card to his back row before passing.


Silverman drew Nitwit Outwit on his next turn. He Summoned Card Guard and then attacked directly, dropping Bogli down to 5500 Life Points. Silverman Set Nitwit Outwit before passing.


Bogli activated Graceful Charity to draw 3 cards and discard Maha Vailo and Majstic Mech – Goryu from his hand. He Set a monster and a card to his back row before passing. Silverman flipped Tiki Curse and Tiki Soul in Bogli’s End Phase, prompting Bogli to concede.




Stephen Silverman seals the second Duel with his Tiki cards! Joseph Bogli will be going first in Duel 3!


Duel Three


Bogli started off Duel 3 by Summoning Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke and Setting 2 cards to his back row.


Silverman opened up with Otohime, Dimension Gate, Berserk Gorilla, Card Guard, Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, and Axe Dragonute.


Silverman's Duel 3 Opening Hand


He Summoned Card Guard and Bogli flipped Breakthrough Skill to negate its effect so that it would remain at 1600 ATK. Silverman Set Dimension Gate before passing his turn.


Bogli attacked Card Guard with his Ninja and Silverman flipped Dimension Gate to banish his Card Guard from the Duel. Bogli’s Ninja attacked Silverman directly, dropping Silverman down to 6200 Life Points. Bogli Set a monster before ending his turn.


Silverman Summoned Axe Dragonute and attacked Bogli’s Ninja; but Bogli flipped Rush Recklessly in the Damage Step to increase the ATK of his monster and win the battle!


Bogli activated Photon Sanctuary to Special Summon 2 Photon Tokens to the field in Defense Position and then Summoned Maha Vailo. He attacked Silverman directly with his Ninja. Silverman dropped down to 3900 Life Points.


Silverman drew Goblin Attack Force on his next turn. He Summoned Berserk Gorilla and attacked Maha Vailo to destroy it.


Bogli switched his Photon Tokens into Attack Position and then Tributed 1 of them to Summon Evil HERO Malicious Edge. Malicious Edge attacked and destroyed Berserk Gorilla and then Bogli’s Ninja tried to attack directly; but Silverman sent his Dimension Gate to the Graveyard and Special Summoned Card Guard back to the field with 1900 ATK! Bogli ended his turn.


Silverman Summoned Otohime and used its effect to switch Malicious Edge into Defense Position. Card Guard attacked and destroyed Malicious Edge, and Silverman returned Otohime to his hand in his End Phase.


Bogli Summoned Hyper Hammerhead and then Flip Summoned Worm Jetelikpse. He attacked Card Guard with Hyper Hammerhead. Hyper Hammerhead was destroyed in battle and then Card Guard returned to Silverman’s hand. Direct attacks from Ninja and Jetelikpse dropped Silverman down to 300 Life Points.


Silverman Summoned Swallowtail Butterspy next turn and attacked Jetelikpse to destroy it.


Bogli Summoned Heroic Challenger – Night Watchman and attacked Butterspy with his Ninja. When Silverman discarded Hedge Guard to protect it, he lost half of his monster’s ATK! Silverman lost 900 Life Points in the battle, knocking him out of the Duel and out of the tournament!


Duel 3 Ends


The undefeated Joseph Bogli triumphs again in the Top 16, advancing to the Top 8!