Top 32!

February 2nd, 2014

Check out the players and Decks in the Top 32!


1st place: Joseph Bogli (Fire Fist)

2nd place: Yicheng Li (Prophecy)

3rd place: Tha Vang (Geargia)

4th place: Tahmid Zaman (Hieratics)

5th place: Steven Veit-Quiles (Fire Fist)

6th place: David Gancedo (Fire Fist)

7th place: Alessandro Donato (Geargia)

8th place: Bohdan Temnyk (Fire Fists)

9th place: Christopher Leblanc (Hieratic)

10th place: Pedro Parreno (Geargia)

11th place: Joseph Chou (Fire Fist)

12th place: Alexis Pinedo (Geargia)

13th place: Patrick Hoban (Mermail)

14th place: Sehabi Kheireddine (Infernity)

15th place: Jesse Choate (Geargia)

16th place: Jeffrey La Beach (Dark World)
17th place: Christian Georges (Fire Fist)

18th place: Tyler Poe (Fire Fist)

19th place: Da Lee (Lightsworn)

20th place: Jacob Feigenheimer (Bujin)

21st place: Philip Stabile (Fire Fist)
22nd place: Bryan Tran (Mermail)

23rd place: Adrian Shakir (Prophecy)

24th place: Garrett Byrd (Geargia)

25th place: Cameron Neal (Fire Fist)

26th place: Jonathon Ritzau (Fire Fist)

27th place: Souvick Kar (Evilswarm)

28th place: Jordan Winters (Fire Fist)

29th place: Stephen Mercier (Bujin)

30th place: Stephen Silverman (Prophecy)

31st place: Ali Yassine (Hieratics)

32nd place: Kevin Halligan (Prophecy)