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Top 8 Draft Feature Match: Jesse Choate versus Joseph Bogli

February 3rd, 2014

Only eight Duelists remain in this tournament, and we’re beginning to get a taste of Draft play. Jesse Choate and Joseph Bogli are fresh off their last round Feature Match wins, and now they’re pitted against each other! Choate has practiced a lot of Draft play, but Bogli has multiple YCS tops under his belt. This match is looking to be a good one!

Duel 1

Choate began with Windstorm of Etaqua, Fiend’s Sanctuary, Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf, Pyrotech Mech – Shiryu, Pitch-Black Warwolf, and Reptilianne Rage. He played Tetherwolf to Special Summon a Mecha Phantom Beast Token, and Set Windstorm of Etaqua.

Bogli Normal Summoned Chow Len the Prophet. Chow Len froze Windstorm and destroyed the Token. Bogli Set three back row cards.

Choate drew Share the Pain. He Normal Summoned Pitch-Black Warwolf and equipped it with Reptilianne Rage! It attacked, but Book of Moon turned it down. Reptilianne Rage weakened Chow Len, but Tetherwolf lost its battle to Forbidden Lance.

Bogli Tributed Chow Len for Frostosaurus, and destroyed Warwolf.

Choate drew Tardy Orc. He played Fiend’s Sanctuary for a Metal Fiend Token, then used Share the Pain to take out Frostosaurus! He Normal Summoned Tardy Orc to finish.

Bogli passed.

Choate drew and Set Memory of an Adversary, and attacked with Tardy Orc.

Bogli Set a monster and a back row card.

Choate drew Cameraclops and Summoned it. Tardy Orc destroyed Heroic Champion – Night Watchman, and Cameraclops struck directly.

Bogli played Deep Sweeper, and it destroyed Memory of an Adversary. Fiend’s Sanctuary gave him a Metal Fiend Token in attack position.

Choate drew Fighting Spirit. Cameraclops attacked, destroying the Metal Fiend Token but received 1400 damage reflected back to him. Tardy Orc attacked directly.

Bogli played his own Tardy Orc.

Choate drew Truckroid. He put Fighting Spirit onto his Tardy Orc, and it attacked the opposing Orc, destroying it. Cameraclops hit directly.

Bogli played Power Breaker, and it destroyed Cameraclops. It switched to defense position, and Bogli Set a back row card.

Choate drew Breakthrough Skill. He Tributed Tardy Orc for Shiryu, but Bogli’s Windstorm of Etaqua blocked the attack. Choate Set Breakthrough Skill, and took 1000 damage due to Shiryu. Bogli looked at his next draw, and conceded! He only had 500 Life Points remaining, and Shiryu’s piercing battle damage would be the end of him!

This Duel was a quick back-and-forth affair, but it was Jesse Choate who managed to throw down that last bit of aggression at the end to end it. Bogli admitted that he hadn’t played any Battle Pack Round 2 Draft, and didn’t even know what most of the cards did, but he’s still showing that he can hold his own with his Dueling experience. Can he make a comeback?

Duel 2

Bogli Set three back row cards and played Photon Sanctuary for two Photon Tokens in defense position. He Set a card to his back row.

Choate had Yomi Ship, Evilswarm Salamandra, Memory of an Adversary, Gene-Warped Warwolf, Fighting Spirit, and Truckroid. He played Gene-Warped Warwolf and Set Memory of an Adversary. Warwolf destroyed a Photon Token.

Bogli played Deep Sweeper to destroy Memory of an Adversary. Embodiment of Apophis came next, and Book of Moon let it win the battle against Gene-Warped Warwolf.

Choate drew Magical Arm Shield. He played Salamandra, which attacked into Windstorm of Etaqua, and Choate Set Magical Arm Shield. Then, he equipped Salamandra with Fighting Spirit.

Bogli attacked Salamandra with Apophis, and Magical Arm Shield stole a Photon Token to block.

Choate drew Mirage Dragon and played it out. Salamandra finally took down Embodiment of Apophis. Mirage Dragon destroyed Yomi Ship, and both monsters went down.

Bogli Set a card.


Choate drew Evilswarm Mandragora. He tried attacking with his monsters, but was blocked by Metal Reflect Slime. Choate Set Yomi Ship.

Bogli played Fiend’s Sanctuary, then Tributed the Metal Fiend Token for Evil HERO Malicious Edge! It attacked Salamandra, and Fighting Spirit was destroyed in its place.

Choate drew Cyber Prima and passed.

Bogli destroyed Salamandra with Malicious Edge, then Set a monster.

Choate drew Blackwing – Elphin the Raven! He Special Summoned Evilswarm Mandragora and Tributed it for Elphin, switching Malicious Edge to defense position. Elphin destroyed it in battle.

Bogli flipped up Hyper Hammerhead, then equipped it with Rocket Pilder! It attacked Elphin, returning it to the hand.

Choate drew Tardy Orc and played it.

Bogli sent Hyper Hammerhead into Tardy Orc, bouncing it to the hand.

Choate drew Meklord Army of Granel. He played Tardy Orc again.

Bogli drew Power Breaker and it attacked Yomi Ship. Both monsters were destroyed, and Hyper Hammerhead bounced Tardy Orc again.

Choate drew Jurrac Gallim, and Summoned Tardy Orc again.

Bogli activated Graceful Charity! He drew three, then discarded Chow Len the Prophet and Hypnocorn. He now Set a card to his back row. He had three back row cards, Hyper Hammerhead, Metal Reflect Slime, and no cards in his hand.

Choate drew Forbidden Dress. He Tributed Tardy Orc for Cyber Prima, which destroyed Rocket Pilder. He Set Dress.

Bogli played Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke. Hammerhead attacked Prima to bounce it, and Time Machine returned Hammerhead to the field! It attacked again, and Sasuke struck as well.  Bogli was leading, 4250 to 3800.

Choate drew his second Cyber Prima. He Normal Summoned Meklord Army of Granel and halved Sasuke’s ATK, then destroyed it in battle.

Bogli equipped Hyper Hammerhead with Big Bang Shot. When it attacked the Meklord Army, Choate tried to weaken it with Forbidden Dress, but Bogli had Dark Bribe! Choate lost his monster, but drew Windstorm of Etaqua thanks to Bribe.

Choate drew Blustering Winds. He Set Windstorm and Jurrac Gallim.

Bogli attacked Gallim, piercing its DEF thanks to Big Bang Shot. Bogli discarded Frostosaurus to negate Gallim.

Choate drew Reptilianne Rage. He Set Truckroid.

Bogli attacked it next turn, taking 100 damage, and Truckroid was bounced to the hand. Bogli played Tardy Orc.

Choate drew and Summoned Vylon Prism. He equipped it with Reptilianne Rage, and attacked Tardy Orc. On the declaration of the attack, Bogli used Reverse Trap to weaken Prism and win the battle. Since it was destroyed, Reptilianne Rage lowered Tardy Orc’s ATK.

Bogli attacked, and his monsters’ positions were switched with Windstorm of Etaqua. In Main Phase 2, Bogli Tributed Tardy Orc and Metal Reflect Slime for Majestic Mech – Goryu! When Choate drew Des Mosquito, he knew he wouldn’t be able to withstand Bogli’s piercing monsters!

Joe Bogli evens things up, using a piercing Mech of his own this time! The winner of this final Duel will be moving on to the Top 4, but the loser will have to go home!

Duel 3

Choate began with Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, Forbidden Dress, Pitch-Black Warwolf, Tetherwolf, Mirage Dragon, and Magical Arm Shield. He played Tetherwolf for a Mecha Phantom Beast Token, and Set Magical Arm Shield and Dress.

Bogli played Graceful Charity, discarding Bacon Saver and Reverse Trap! Tardy Orc came down next, backed by three face-down cards.

Choate drew Breakthrough Skill. He played Mirage Dragon and moved to the Battle Phase, and Bogli quickly negated Mirage Dragon with Breakthrough Skill. Tetherwolf used its effect to take down Tardy Orc, but it came back with Time Machine. Choate Set Breakthrough Skill.

Bogli sent Tardy Orc after Mirage Dragon, and Forbidden Dress made both monsters go down. Bogli had Interplanetarypurplethorny Dragon in his hand, though, and it destroyed Tetherwolf.

Choate drew Pitch-Black Warwolf and Set Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts.

Bogli equipped his dragon with Black Pendant. He Set a monster, and destroyed Tanngrisnir.

Choate drew Jurrac Gallim and Set it.

Bogli threw down Chiron the Mage, and discarded Rocket Pilder to destroy Breakthrough Skill. Chiron attacked, and Choate used Magical Arm Shield. Bogli used Zero Gravity to save his monster from the battle.

Choate drew Pyrotech Mech – Shiryu. He flipped up Gallim and played Pitch-Black Warwolf, destroying Chiron and Interplanetarypurplethorny Dragon in battle, but taking 500 damage from Black Pendant.

Bogli destroyed Warwolf with Power Breaker, and it switched to defense position.

Choate drew Reptilianne Rage. He played his second Pitch-Black Warwolf and equipped it with Rage, destroying Power Breaker in battle. Power Breaker, in turn, destroyed Reptilianne Rage.

Bowgli Set a monster.

Choate drew Gene-Warped Warwolf. He Tributed a Nordic Beast Token for Shiryu. It attacked and pierced the defenses of Bogli’s Yomi Ship, which destroyed Shiryu. Gallim and Pitch-Black Warwolf attacked directly.

Bogli played Fiend’s Sanctuary, but had no followup.

Choate drew Evilswarm Mandragora and Normal Summoned it. Gallim attacked over the Metal Fiend Token, and even Bogli’s Bacon Saver wouldn’t be enough to stop the assault!

Jesse Choate is moving to the Top 4!