Top Table Update: Round 7

February 2nd, 2014

Exactly 20 Duelists have perfect 6-0 records right now, and all of them are at the Top 10 tables. Check out which Duelists and Decks are currently undefeated!


Table 1: Christopher LeBlanc (Hieratic) vs. Da Lee (Lightsworn)

Table 2: Alexis Pinedo (Geargia) vs. Steven Veit-Quiles (Fire Fist)

Table 3: Tahmid Zaman (Hieratic) vs. Pedro Isidro (Fire Fist)

Table 4: Cameron Neal (Fire Fist) vs. Pedro Parreno (Geargia)

Table 5: Patrick Hoban (Mermail) vs. Brock Henley (Fire Fist)

Table 6: Brenden Beckmann (Infernity) vs. Alessandro Donato (Geargia)

Table 7: Jonathan Ngo (Bujin) vs. Jeffrey La Beach (Dark World)

Table 8: Brandon Wigley (Fire Fist) vs. Jesse Choate (Geargia)

Table 9: Joseph Bogli (Fire Fist) vs. Logan Thorne (Bujin)

Table 10: Isaac Chou (Mermail) vs. David Gancedo (Fire Fist)