Welcome to YCS Atlanta 2014

February 1st, 2014

Welcome to Atlanta! We’re in the Georgia International Convention Center, eagerly looking forward to what’s shaping up to be a huge tournament! Despite our location in the South, Atlanta’s got snow on the ground! That hasn’t stopped our determined Duelists, because we have a turnout of 1348 players!

GICC Photo.

YCS Atlanta is the first event in North America under 2014’s new Forbidden & Limited List, and is also the first time Legacy of the Valiant will be legal for tournament play. This event is hot off the heels of YCS Sydney, where we saw Anders Koh take first with his Karakuri Deck. Besides that, the Top 32 was a varied field of Decks, including Fire Fists, Spellbooks, Mermails, Harpies, and Hunder Family. Will Legacy of the Valiant’s inclusion shake things up? Many Duelists are using the new cards to bring Decks like Gravekeeper’s, Sylvan, Bujin, or Noble Knights to the competition today, while other cards like Evilswarm Exciton Knight and Shared Ride are making an impact in nearly every Deck.

We’ll find out soon, because Round 1 is about to start! It’s time to Duel!