Drafting With Marcus Carisse

March 24th, 2014

Marcus Carisse made it to the Top 32 of YCS Chicago with his Geargia Deck; but now, he must cast aside his Deck and build a new one out of the cards he drafts from Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2! Carisse has never drafted Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2 before, but Jesse Choate – a Duelist well-practiced in Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2, who made it to the Top 4 with his draft Deck at YCS Atlanta – gave Carisse tips on drafting that he hopes will carry him through to the finals.

War of the Giants Round 2!

It’s time to draft!


Set 1: Combined 3 Packs of Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants


Take a look at Carisse’s first 15 cards that he must choose among.


Set 1, Pick 1


Carisse passed over powerful cards like Cyber Dragon and Riryoku to take The Golden Apples.


The Golden Apples


On Pick 2, Carisse had a lot of powerful choices.


Set 1, Pick 2


He passed over strong monsters like Beast King Barbaros to take Reptilianne Rage.


Carisse quickly took Pot of Greed from the next Set of cards, pictured below.


Set 1, Pick 3


Pot of Greed


Carisse had lots of great choices in his next pack, but opted to take the raw power of Ape Fighter!


Set 1, Pick 4


Ape Fighter


In his next pack, Carisse took Dododo Bot.


Set 1, Pick 5


Dododo Bot


For his sixth pick in his first set of cards, Carisse took Axe Dragonute.


Set 1, Pick 6


Axe Dragonute


There were lots of cool cards Carisse could’ve taken for his seventh pick in the first set of cards, pictured below, but Carisse took Drillroid: a reliable card that destroys Defense Position monsters without fail.


Set 1, Pick 7




Carisse took Twin-Headed Behemoth from the next set of cards presented to him, pictured below.


Set 1, Pick 8


Twin-Headed Behemoth


For his ninth pick from the selection pictured below, Carisse took Tiki Curse.


Set 1, Pick 9


Next, he took Ancient Gear Golem.


Set 1, Pick 10


Ancient Gear Golem


By his eleventh pick, the selection was slimming. Carisse took Shattered Axe from the selection pictured below.


Set 1, Pick 11


Next, he took a Jack Atlas favorite – Dark Resonator.


Set 1, Pick 12


Dark Resonator


He took Gyroid next.


Set 1, Pick 13




On his subsequent pick, Carisse chose to take Mosaic Manticore


Set 1, Pick 14


Finally, Carisse was stuck taking Photon Wyvern as his last pick.


Photon Wyvern


Set 2: Round 2!


Carisee had 15 new options to choose from in his second set of cards. Take a look at them, pictured below.


Set 2, Pick 1


He chose to take Evilswarm Heliotrope for its 1950 ATK.


Evilswarm Heliotrope


For his second pick, Carisse took Sentry Golem over the options pictured below.


Set 2, Pick 2


Carisse’s third pick in Set 3 was Evilswarm Ketos.


Set 2, Pick 3


Evilswarm Ketos


Carisse enthusiastically grabbed Yomi Ship when he saw his next options!


Set 2, Pick 4

Yomi Ship


Carisse followed up his choice of Yomi Ship with a Blade Knight, selected from the cards pictured below.


Set 2, Pick 5


Carisse chose Release Restraint Wave next.


Set 2, Pick 6


Release Restraint Wave


For his seventh pick in Round 2, Carisse took Nordic Relic Brisiningman.


Set 2, Pick 7


He followed up by taking Heroic Challenger – Night Watchman for his 8th pick in the round.


Set 2, Pick 8


Heroic Challenger - Night Watchman


Subsequently, Carisse took Berserk Scales.


Set 2, Pick 9


Berserk Scales


As the card choices diminished Carisse was forced to take what he could get. He took Deep Sweeper from the cards pictured below.


Set 2, Pick 10


Then he grabbed That Wacky Alchemy.


Set 2, Pick 11



That Wacky Alchemy


Next, Carisse took Double Summon.


Set 2, Pick 12


He grabbed Majestic Mech – Goryu from the cards shown below.


Set 2, Pick 13

Next, he took Butterspy Protection over Dimension Slice.


Set 2, Pick 14


Finally, Carisse got passed a Majestic Mech – Goryu.


Set 2, Pick 15


Set 3: Combined 3 Packs of Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants!


30 of Carisse’s cards had been chosen and only 15 more remained!


For his next choice, Carisse grabbed Miniaturize for his Deck.


Set 3, Pick 1




Next, he took a powerful Trap Card that helps to Tribute Summon monsters and Special Summon monsters with high ATK: Call of the Haunted.


Set 3, Pick 2


Call of the Haunted


For his 3rd pick in the round, Carisse grabbed Truckroid!


Set 3, Pick 3




Carisse’s next pick came a little bit late: Tardy Orc!


Set 3, Pick 4


Tardy Orc


Carisse was thrilled to take a Treeborn Frog from his next pack.


Set 3, Pick 5


Treeborn Frog


Carisse also managed to grab an extremely powerful spell as his next pick: Riryoku!


Set 3, Pick 6




Next, Carisse took another card that can help him win battles. He grabbed Metalmorph.


Set 3, Pick 7




Carisse took The Tricky – one of Yugi’s favorites – for his eighth pick.


Set 3, Pick 8


The Tricky


Carisse followed up his choice of The Tricky with Cloning, from the cards pictured below.


Set 3, Pick 9




For his 40th draft pick, Carisse took Machine Lord Ur.


Set 3, Pick 10


Machine Lord Ur


Next, he grabbed Fiend’s Sanctuary to help him Tribute Summon his monsters.


Set 3, Pick 11


For his twelfth pick in the final set, Carisse took Reasoning.


Set 3, Pick 12




Next he got Magical Arm Shield – a powerful Joey Wheeler card that is an impressive 13th pick.


Set 3, Pick 13


Magical Arm Shield


Given the choice between Super Conductor Tyranno and Oracle of the Sun, Carisse took Super Conductor Tyranno.


Set 3, Pick 14


Finally, Carisse got a last pick Solar Wind Jammer.


Set 3, Pick 15


Marcus Carisse felt pretty good about the cards he drafted, but wasn’t entirely sure about the strength of his Deck since he had never drafted Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2 before. He ended up cutting Shattered Axe, Photon Wyvern, Blade Knight, Double Summon, and Mosaic Manticore from his pool, and using the other 40 cards as his Deck.


Will Marcus Carisse’s choices in the draft pay off and deliver him a YCS victory? We’ll find out soon!