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Popular Deck Types at YCS – Sao Paulo

March 8th, 2014

Here’s a list of the most popular Decks:

Evilswarms came in first with 27 Decks, followed by the Bear Deck at 19 and Constellars and Geargias also at 19.  This is closely followed by Fire Fists with 18, Mermails also at 18, Harpies with 17.  Gravekeepers came in with 11 Decks, while there were 10 each of Lightsworn, Infernities and Blackwings, 9 Hieratics, while there were 8 Chaos Decks and 7 Inzektors.  We’ve also seen a handful of Madolches, Noble Knights, variants of Dragon Decks, Fire Kings, Dark World, Boxing, Six Samurai, Monarch, Gladiator Beasts, and Agents.  There are Worms, Haze Flame, Naturia, Exodia, Cloudian, Gadget, Karakuri, Zombie, HERO, Sylvan and Psychics as well.

Stay tuned to see which Decks remain at the top!