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QQ: Which Deck Will Do Best This Weekend?

March 22nd, 2014


QQ stands for Quick Questions! Lots of different Decks are being used in this weekend’s tournament. We surveyed the Duelists in attendance to find out which Deck they think will be piloted by the most Duelists to a Top 16 finish. Check out their responses!


“WATER.” –Dominique Roberts


“FIRE, WATER, or Bujin.” –Jacob Delienne


“Fire Fists.” –Bob Hickey


“Fire Fists.” –Alex Luna


“Chain Burn.” –Chet Stottle Meyer


“Fire Fists.” –Cole Rosorio


“Mermails.” –John Wells


“Fire Fists or Mermails.” –Dom Wells


“Fire Fists.” –Kyle Femmer


“Mermails.” –Marco Martinez


“Hieratic Rulers.” –Alexander Pabello


“Fire Fists.” –Brandon Bloyer


“Harpies.” –Taylor Wallace


“Raccoons! Breaking the meta like I broke my shoe!” –Jackie Bernal


“Fire Fists.” –John Vigil


“WATER.” –Jeremy Lozano