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Round 10 Feature Match: Matt Kolenda Versus Timothy Aicard

March 23rd, 2014

Bujins were a surprise frontrunner yesterday at the top tables, and today at Table 1 we’re going to see what may go down as the defining matchup of this tournament: Fire Fists versus Bujins.  Matt Kolenda and Timothy Aicard are the last two undefeated competitors in this tournament – both are virtually guaranteed a seat in the Top 32 at this point, and both represent the peak of success for their respective strategies in this tournament; Kolenda is running Fire Fists, while Aicard is playing Bujins.


Kolenda opened with Pot of Duality, revealing two Cardcar D and an Upstart Goblin: he took a Cardcar D, shuffled the rest back, and Summoned it – Aicard hit him with Effect Veiler, leaving him to set three cards to his back row.


Aicard had a hand of two Bujin Yamato; Bujingi Quilin; Fire Formation – Tenki; and Upstart Goblin.  Upstart got him another Tenki, but Kolenda Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to shut it down.  Aicard Summoned Bujin Yamato and attacked Cardcar D: Aicard considered his options a moment, then bounced it back to Aicard’s hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device.  “I’m gonna pass turn to you, sir.”


Kolenda Normal Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear, then attacked for 1600 Battle Damage, setting Fire Formation – Tenki with Bear’s ability.  Cardcar D made a direct shot next, dropping Aicard to 5600 Life Points.  Kolenda flipped Tenki in Main Phase 2 to search Coach Soldier Wolfbark, then activated Pot of Duality.  This time he revealed Fiendish Chain, Dimensional Prison, and another Bear.  He took Fiendish and Set one to his backrow.




Aicard drew Bujin Mikazuchi – no problems hitting Bujins in this game, but Bujingis and defensive cards were clearly eluding him.  He activated his second Tenki to get a second Mikazuchi, subtly shuffled his hand, and Summoned another Yamato to attack Cardcar D: Kolenda stopped the attack with Fiendish Chain.


Kolenda destroyed Yamato with Bear’s effect, sending Tenki to the Graveyard.  Aicard Special Summoned Mikazuchi.  Kolenda Normal Summoned another Bear, and considered his options.  “How many cards do you have in hand?”


“Three,” replied Aicard.  “You opened sooo strong.”


Kolenda settled on overlaying his two Bears, Xyz Summoning Number 101: Silent Honor ARK to detach two Materials and take Mikazuchi.  He attacked directly with Cardcar D and ARK, dropping Aicard to 2700 Life Points.


Aicard drew Effect Veiler and Normal Summoned Yamato, attacking over Cardcar D to lower his opponent to 7900 Life Points.  In the End Phase, Aicard searched Bujingi Hare and dumped it to the Graveyard, ensuring his Yamato could survive at least one attack next turn.


Kolenda Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark targeting Bear for revival, and Aicard negated its effect with Effect Veiler.  Kolenda attacked Yamato with Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, but Aicard saved his monster by banishing Bujingi Hare.  If there was a chance the tide might turn, it all hinged on that Yamato.  Kolenda Set his last card to his backrow and ended.


Aicard drew Bujingi Turtle.  He Normal Summoned it, attempted to Xyz Summon Bujintei Susanowo, and Kolenda flipped the card he’d set on the previous turn – it was Black Horn of Heaven, and it was enough to draw a concession from Aicard!




Matt Kolenda just seems to have everything he needed from the get-go that game, while Timothy Aicard is left struggling for defense, trapped in the rare situation of having too many “Bujin” monsters to put together his plays.  Usually the opposite of the problems Bujin Duelists face.  One more win from Kolenda would close out this Match in a hurry.


Both competitors wished eachother good luck, and Aicard opened the second Duel!  This time he had Bujin Yamato; Effect Veiler; Kaiser Colosseum; Book of Moon; Forbidden Chalice; and Mystical Space Typhoon.  He Normal Summoned Yamato, activated the Colosseum, and Set Typhoon, Book, and Lance!  He searched and pitched Bujingi Hare – all in all a much better opening than the previous Duel.


Kolenda activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card, then Normal Summoned Cardcar D – Aicard negated its effect with Forbidden Chalice, leaving Kolenda to Set two cards to his back row.


Aicard drew Bujincarnation and attacked with Bujin Yamato, losing out to Dimensional Prison.  Still in the Battle Phase, he flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Kolenda’s Set backrow, but Kolenda Chained D.D. Crow to banish his Hare.  Kolenda’s Bottomless Trap Hole was destroyed.


Kolenda Normal Summoned Bear, attacked, and Aicard blocked it with Book of MoonCardcar D made a direct attack.


Aicard ripped Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla!  He attacked to destroy Bear, searching Tenki and flipping it in Main Phase 2 to search another Bujin Yamato.  “What a rip,” he remarked with a slight tone of self-deprecating humor.  “I’m gonna pass turn to you, sir.”


Kolenda activated another Upstart Goblin, then activated Pot of Duality to reveal Mystical Space Typhoon, Fire Formation – Gyokkou, and Torrential Tribute: he added Typhoon to his hand, shuffling the rest back.  He Set one card to his backrow and turned Cardcar D to Defense Position.


Aicard drew Pot of Duality and activated Gorilla’s effect, targeting Kolenda’s Mystical Space Typhoon, which he Chained to destroy Kaiser ColosseumPot of Duality revealed his Bujingi Quilin, Forbidden Lance, and Twister.  He took Lance, then Normal Summoned Yamato to attack with Gorilla, using its effect to search Fire Formation – Tenki, Setting it and then attacking directly with Yamato.  “Puts you at 6200, correct?”  Kolenda confirmed.  In Main Phase 2 Aicard flipped that Tenki to get Bujin Mikazuchi and he Set Lance.


Play was to Kolenda, who drew to three cards and Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark to target his Bear: Effect Veiler cut him off, and that was enough for Kolenda who scooped the second Duel!




Game 2 sees a tremendous opening from Timothy Aicard, as a great opening hand and a tremendous topdeck with Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla make victory academic!  Kolenda would start Game 3, a distinct advantage in any match-up, but especially against Bujins.


Kolenda opened up with Fire Formation – Tenki, searching Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, then activated Pot of Duality to reveal two Fiendish Chains and Fire Formation – Gyokkou from the top of his Deck: he took a Fiendish Chain.  Four Set cards finished his opening.


Aicard was holding D.D. Crow; Bujin Yamato; Bujingi Hare; Kaiser Colosseum; Effect Veiler; and Pot of Duality.  He activated Duality to reveal Mystical Space Typhoon, Bujin Mikazuchi, and Honest, taking the Typhoon.  He attempted to Normal Summon Bujin Yamato, and Kolenda responded with Torrential Tribute, destroying it.  Aicard thought a moment, then passed with an empty field.


Kolenda Normal Summoned Bear, attacked for 1700 Battle Damage and searched another Tenki.  He flipped it in Main Phase 2 to search another Bear.


Aicard drew another Kaiser Colosseum – not tremendously helpful with so few monsters at his disposal, and no immediate answer to Kolenda’s Bear.  He Summoned Bujingi Hare and activated a Colosseum, then Set two more cards to his backrow: a bluffed Colosseum and Mystical Space Typhoon.


Kolenda activated Bear’s effect next turn, and Kolenda tried to fend it off with Effect Veiler; Kolenda Chained Debunk and the Hare went down!  Kolenda considered another Summon, but then opted just to make a direct attack with his first Bear; it scored him 1700 Battle Damage and got him Fire Formation – Gyokkou, which Aicard made a big deal out of: “That could be really dangerous.”  Aicard appeared to be considering using his Mystical Space Typhoon on the Gyokkou, telegraphing his Typhoon but trying to create the impression that the targeted face-down card was something of strong defensive value.  Since he had nothing going for him, a strong bluff was really his best bet.  He eventually let it go: Kolenda flipped the Gyokkou and sure enough picked the superfluous Kaiser Colosseum.


But In Main Phase 2 Kolenda Summoned Gorilla; activated its effect to target Aicard’s Mystical Space Typhoon; Aicard Chained it, and he hit Kolenda’s Mystical Space Typhoon; which he Chained to destroy the face-up Kaiser Colosseum!  Kolenda then overlaid his Bear and Gorilla to Xyz Summon Bujintei Kagutsuchi, sending Cardcar D; Black Horn of Heaven; Coach Soldier Wolfbark; Upstart Goblin; and Solemn Warning to the Graveyard.  He Set a second Spell or Trap and ended.


Aicard drew Bujingi Crane and passed.


Kolenda Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark, targeted his other Wolfbark, and Aicard banished it with D.D. Crow!  But Kolenda had Fire Formation – Tensu, and when he Summoned another Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, Aicard conceded!




Aicard gave Kolenda a goodnatured handshake, and both competitors fell to a cheerful conversation about the tournament, and their Match.  “I’ve played three more Fire Fists this tournament man, and you’re the first one I couldn’t beat!  Thanks for the Match!”  They began talking about the Kaiser Colosseum bluff as they each de-sided their decks, and wished eachother luck.


Matt Kolenda moves on, still undefeated with Fire Fists, with his seat in the Top 32 a guaranteed lock!