Round 11: Top Table Update!

March 23rd, 2014

This is the final Round of Swiss competition!  When the dust settles and the smoke clears here in Round 11, we’ll have our Top 32, so here’s what the top-ranked competitors are running.



Table 1:

Michael Steinman with Geargia


Matt Kolenda with Fire Fists


Table 2:

Paul Clarke with Fire Fists


James Valentino with Infernities


Table 3:

Joshua Furlong with Mermails


Jaime Ortiz with Bujins


Table 4:

Joseph Bogli with Fire Fists


Christopher Gonzalez with Gadgets


Table 5:

Timothy Aicard with Bujins


Tatsuaki Yajima with Spellbooks


Table 6:

Alexandro Montiel with Hieratic Rulers


Cristian Corrizales with Fire Fists


Table 7:

Justin Martinez with Bujins


Patrick Guilfoyle with Fire Kings


Table 8:

Joshua Turley with Geargia


Brian Kalina with Harpies


Table 9:

Jarmond Sharkey with Geargia


Nizar Sarhan with Evilswarm


Table 10:

Sean Coovert with Fire Fists


Harrison Perinpanayagam with Geargia


Fire Fists are on top here in our sampling of Round 11, with five seats out of twenty!  They’re trailed by Geargia with four spots, and Bujins with three.  Every other strategy has only one seat at the Top 10 Tables, so it looks like we’ll have a hugely varied Top 32.  The big successes for Geargia and Bujins this weekend may also bode well for their chances in the new Advanced Format come April 1st


Check back soon to see who and what made the Top 32!