Round 5: Top Table Update!

March 22nd, 2014

We’re at the halfway mark in the Day 1 Swiss Rounds, so what better time to take a peek at the Top 10 tables!  As the rounds wear on, players with better records are sorted closer and closer to Table 1 – taking a quick glance at Tables 1 through 10 is a great way to get a snapshot of the strategies that are the most successful so far, so let’s take a look!



Bujins Versus Spellbooks At Table 1

Table 1:

Justin Martinez with Bujins


Tyler Panlilio with Spellbooks


Table 2:

Alejandro Cortez with Inzektors


Pierre Hampton with Bujins


Table 3:

Jarmond Sharkey with Karakuri Geargia


Paul Crum with Karakuri Geargia


Table 4:

Abraham Villareal with Fire Fists


Jerry Mierrithy with Geargia


Table 5:

Alexandro Montiel with Hieratic Rulers


Jeffrey Pircher with Bujins


Table 6:

Jordan Sanchez with Mermails


Marc Carisse with Geargia


Table 7:

Benjamin Burn with Mermails


William Pedigo with Geargia


Table 8:

Christian Rodriguez with Fire Fists


Deon Akridge with Fire Fists


Table 9:

Courtland Williams with Dragons


Jose Sandoval with Geargia


Table 10:

Timothy Aicard with Bujins


Deryck Rothenberger with Fire Fists


Bujins have been on a roll the past couple weeks in Regional Qualifiers and YCS Sao Paulo, and with four seats in the Top 10 tables it seems like many competitors may not have Side Decked for it.  Cards like Mistake, DNA Surgery, and Light-Imprisoning Mirror can win a Bujin matchup in an instant… but not if you’re not playing them.  That said, Pure Geagia and Fire Fists are right there with them, each with four seats as well.


From there we can see two Karakuri Geargia builds and two Mermail Duelists, as well as a buch of once-offs like Inzektors and Spellbooks.  It’s kind of all over the place, but it’s easy to peg Bujins, Fire Fists, and Geargia as the three big front-runners so far.  We’ll check back in a couple more rounds to see how it all pans out!