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The Finals: Thomas Mak Versus Benedikt Junk

March 24th, 2014

We’ve gotten to know both of these competitors pretty well this weekend, as this is the third Feature Match for each Duelist this weekend!  Thomas Mak is from Philadelphia, and in the Top 8 Feature Match we saw him put a combined five copies of Tiki Curse and Tiki Soul to work – he effectively drafted a Tiki Deck, and now he’s in the Finals.


Benedikt Junk is from Germany, and while he’s made Top 32 cuts in Europe before, he’s attended nine American YCS tournaments and this is his first Top Cut appearance.  Five misses on the bubble have finally seen him reach the Finals, and now he was one Match away from taking home the title.


Bujins versus Dark Worlds!  Philly versus Dusseldorf!  A TIKI DECK VERSUS, like… a regular… Deck?  WHO WOULD TRIUMPH?!?!

Mak had a hand of Tiki Soul; Tiki Curse; Dimension Slice; Memory Loss; and Time Machine.  He opted to keep his hand, as did Junk, and Mak drew Sergeant Electro for his first Draw Phase.  He Set everything but Electro and Time Machine.


Junk Summoned Botanical Lion and attacked, prompting Mak to flip and Summon Tiki Curse in Attack Position!  That let him activate Dimension Slice, banishing the Lion.  Junk Set four cards to his backrow.


Mak drew Chiron the Mage and Summoned Sergeant Electro, activating its effect to lock down one of Junk’s backrow cards.  Both monsters attacked, scoring a combined total of 3400 Battle Damage.  Mak Set another card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.




Junk Summoned Evilswarm Salamandra, attacking Sergeant Electro to try and unlock his Set card.  Mak lost his monster and Junk Set another Spell or Trap.


Mak drew Flame Tiger and Summoned it, then activated Tiki Soul, Special Summoning it in Attack Position.  Junk took a moment to make sure he understood its effect, and Tiki Soul attacked to try and destroy Salamandra: Junk flipped Needle Ceiling!  He Chained Forbidden Dress to protect his Salamandra, and while Flame Tiger and Tiki Soul were destroyed, Tiki Curse was re-Set in Mak’s backrow with Tiki Soul’s effect.


Junk hit him with Salamandra next turn.


Mak drew another Tiki Curse and Set it.  The Duel stood at 5900 Life Points to 4600, with Mak leading.


Junk Summoned Pitch-Black Warwolf, attacking with it for 1600 Battle Damage.  Salamandra attacked for 1850 Battle Damage.


Mak drew Evilswarm Obliviwisp and Set it.  He then flipped Tiki Curse, another Tiki Curse, and sent one to attack Pitch-Black Warwolf.  Junk flipped Spikeshield with Chain to target Warwolf, not realizing he’d lose his monster – and the ‘shield – to the effect of Tiki Curse!


Junk Summoned Cyber Gymnast.  He activated its effect to pitch Invader of Darkness, destroying Tiki Curse and banishing the Invader for Salamandra’s effect, boosting it to 2150 ATK.  Still in Main Phase 1, Mak activated Memory Loss to turn Salamandra to Defense Position and negating the effect.  Junk read the card to confirm that the negation lasted as long as Salamandra remained face-up, then attacked into Obliviwisp; Salamandra bounced off harmlessly.


Mak drew Shield & Sword.  He activated it, then turned Obliviwisp to Attack Position.  He followed up with Chiron the Mage, running over Salamandra and Cyber Gymnast to bring Junk down to 3300 Life Points.  Mak was at 2150 LP himself.


Junk drew to two cards in hand and Normal Summoned Mogmole.  He attacked Obliviwisp for 350 Battle Damage.


Mak drew White Night Dragon and attacked over Mogmole; its effect was negated by Obliviwisp’s ability, so it couldn’t revive itself!.


Junk Set a Spell or Trap.


Mak drew The Fiend Megacyber, Junk drew for his next turn, and promptly conceded!


Thomas Mak’s Tiki strategy pays off in the early game, leaving him to play a couple tricky monster effects and a key Shield & Sword to take Game 1!  Play swiftly moved to the second Duel.


Junk opted to keep his hand, but Mak used his Redraw: he got rid of Shield & Sword; Miracle Locus; Magical Arm Shield; Tiki Curse; and Memory Loss, getting a hand of Power Giant; Flame Tiger; Invader of Darkness; Evilswarm Obliviwisp; and Fortress Warrior.


Junk opened with Exarion Universe.  He Set three cards to his backrow.


Mak drew Evilswarm Mandragora, took a moment to read and consider Exarion, then Set Obliviwisp.


Junk Summoned Herald of Creation and activated Reptilianne Rage on Exarion Universe.  He attacked with it, destroying Obliviwisp, and Herald of Creation attacked for a clean 1800 Battle Damage.




Mak drew Beast King Barbaros and Summoned Flame Tiger.  He attacked Herald of Creation and Junk flipped Spikeshield with Chain.  Next turn he Summoned Beastking Barbaros for game!




Thomas Mak uses his Redraw, but Benedict Junk Summons beatstick after beatstick, bolstered by powerful battle boosts to take Game 2 in mere minutes!  We were going to Game 3!


Junk used his Redraw, and Mak started with a hand of Goblin Attack Force; Fortress Warrior; Evilswarm Heliotrope; Chow Len the Prophet; Tribute to the Doomed; and Miracle Locus.  He Set Locus and Fortress Warrior.


Junk Summoned Chow Len the Prophet, activated its effect calling Trap, and hit Mak’s Miracle Locus.  He attacked, flipping Fortress Warrior; it survived with its effect, and Junk Set two cards to his backrow.


Mak drew Goblin Elite Attack Force and Normal Summoned it, swinging at Chow Len: Junk flipped Rising Energy, pitched Invader of Darkness, and Chow Len went to 3300 ATK!  Mak lost his Goblin Elite, though it cost Junk two cards.


Junk called Traps again on Miracle Locus with Chow Len, then Normal Summoned Exarion Univers.e  Two attacks eliminated Fortress Warrior.


Mak drew Time Machine and Summoned his own Chow Len, calling traps to reveal and lock down Junk’s Nordic Relic Brisingamen.  Mak activated Miracle Locus to let Junk draw a card, then ran over both of his monsters!  He Set Time Machine.


Junk Summoned Evilswarm Salamandra and banished two cards to boost it to 2450 ATK.  He attacked Chow Len to destroy it, then Set another Spell or Trap.


Mak drew Magical Arm Shield and Summoned Goblin Attack Force.  He Set a card to his backrow and ended.


Junk considered his options carefully, shuffling his hand and thinking through his moves.  One misstep here could cost him everything.  He Summoned Goblin Elite Attack Force, attacked Mak’s Goblins, and Mak flipped Magical Arm Shield!  Mak took Salamandra, and Goblin Elite ran it over for 350 Battle Damage.  Junk looked perturbed.


Mak drew Cyber Prima.  He Summoned Evilswarm Heliotrope and attacked the Defense Position Goblin Elite.  Goblin Attack Force then attacked for 2300 Battle Damage, turning to Defense Position.  Mak had 5900 Life Points to Junk’s 5700.




Junk Summoned Pitch-Black Warwolf and attacked to destroy the Goblins.


Mak drew Tiki Curse.  He attacked Warwolf with Heliotrope, and Junk flipped Brisingamen to trade off in battle.  Mak activated Time Machine!  That let him Special Summon back his Heliotrope, attacking again for 1950 Battle Damage!  He Set Tiki Curse!


Junk passed!


Mak drew Dimension Slice and attacked for another 1950 damage.  That left Junk with exactly 1800 Life Points, and Mak flipped Tiki Curse to put an 1800 ATK attacker on the field!  Mak attacked with Tiki Curse to win the Duel, the Match, and the entire tournament!




Thomas Mak wins YCS Chicago with Tiki Curse!