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Top 16 Feature Match: Joe Bogli Versus Harison Perinpanayagam

March 24th, 2014

If you’re reading this coverage post-event, you may have already seen our Draft Along coverage with Joe Bogli, where we followed him through his drafting process card by card!  You saw him prioritize cards like Butterspy Protection (which he drafted two copies of), and that big pick where he chose Memory of an Adversary over Pot of Duality.  Now, here in the Top 16, we’re going to see how all those decisions would play out!  Bogli made the Top 8 at YCS Atlanta and now he was back this weekend, hoping for an even better showing.


His opponent this round is one of two Canadians in the Top 16: Harison Perinpanayagam from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!  He’s had some drafting experience before, but never drafted with War of the Giants: Round 2.  Let’s see what kind of difference that makes in this Feature Match…


Bogli opened things with a hand of Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf; Drillroid; Cloning; Steamroid; Shrink; and Release Restraint Wave.  He Summoned Tetherwolf, then Special Summoned a Mecha Phantom Beast Token.  He Set Shrink and Cloning.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Card Guard, then used its effect to place a Guard Counter on itself.  It attacked Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf, and Bogli flipped Shrink to halve its ATK and destroy it.  Remember, Card Guard can’t protect itself from destruction with a Guard Counter – only other cards.  Perinpanayagam was unaware of this and lost his monster. He Set two cards to his background.


Bogli drew Frostosaurus and Normal Summoned Drillroid, making direct attacks with that and Tetherwolf to drop Perinpanayagam to 4100 Life Points!  He Set Restraint Wave.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Evilswarm Ketos and attacked, running over Bogli’s Mecha Phantom Beast Token.


Bogli drew Beast King Barbaros and Summoned Steamroid.  He attacked, sending it after Ketos (which had 1750 ATK).  Perinpanayagam responded with Rising Energy, discarding Earthquake to boost it to 3250 ATK to Steamroid’s 2350 ATK – a victory, but a big chunk of cards for Perinpanayagam to spend.  Bogli switched Drillroid to Defense Position.


Perinpanayagam Summoned another Ketos, and Bogli responded with Cloning, Special Summoning a Clone Token with 1750 ATK and 1050 DEF.  Perinpanayagam attacked to destoy Drillroid, then went after Tetherwolf, but Bogli used Tetherwolf’s ability to Tribute the Clone Token and gain 800 ATK!  Ketos went down as Tetherwolf turned the tables!  Perinpanayagam Set a second Spell or Trap.


Bogli drew Belial – Marquis of Darkness and Tribute Summoned Frostosaurus, Tributing away Tetherwolf.  He attacked, and Perinpanayagam repelled the push with Half Shut: it halved Frostosaurus’ ATK for the turn, but kept it from being destroyed in battle.  The Duel stood at 7050 Life Points for Bogli, to Perinpanayagam’s 1625.


Perinpanayagam activated Swords of Concealing Light to flip Frostosaurus face-down, then ran it over with Evilswarm Ketos.


Bogli drew Butterspy Protection and Summoned Beast King Barbaros, running down that second Evilswarm Ketos!  He Set Protection.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Berserk Gorilla, equipped it with Malevolent Nuzzler, and when it attacked Bogli flipped it to Defense Position with Butterspy Protection!  Since Berserk Gorilla destroys itself whenever it’s in Defense Position, Perinpanayagam instantly lose the Gorilla and his Nuzzler!  He had no choice but to concede.




Joe Bogli takes the first Duel of the Match, sealing the deal with a clutch trump to his opponent’s last push!


Bogli had Magician of Faith; Ribbon of Rebirth; Shift; Dimension Slice; and Frostosaurus.  He announced that he was going to use his Redraw, this time getting Cloning, Covering Fire, Evilswarm Mandragora, Shift, and Labyrinth of Nightmare.


Perinpanayagam opened Game 2 with one Set card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


Bogli Set everything but Mandragora.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Winged Rhynos and Bogli flipped Cloning, Summoning a Clone Token with 1800 ATK and 500 DEF.  Perinpanayagam ran his Rhynos into it, destroying both monsters.


Bogli drew Mecha Phantom Beast Stealthray and Set it, relying on its 2100 DEF.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Evilswarm Ketos and attacked into Stealthray, taking 300 damage and triggering its effect!  Bogli Special Summoned a Mecha Phantom Beast Token!  Perinpanayagam Set another Spell or Trap card.  Bogli activated Labyrinth of Nightmare in the End Phase, turning Ketos to Defense Position.




Bogli topdecked Truckroid.  He used Stealthray’s effect to destroy Perinpanayagam’s Shield & Sword, Tributing off the Mecha Phantom Beast Token, then Normal Summoned Evilswarm Mandragora to attack and destroy Ketos!  Stealthray made a direct attack for 100 Battle Damage and Special Summoned a Mecha Phantom Beast Token.  He ended, and Mandragora and Stealthray went to Defense Position, while the Token went to Attack Position.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Power Breaker and attacked the Mecha Phantom Beast Token, but Bogli flipped Shift to send the attack at Stealthray instead!  He got another Mecha Phantom Beast Token.  Power Breaker shifted to Defense Position, and Perinpanayagam activated Swords of Concealing Light: it turned the Stealthray and Mandragora to face-down Defense Position.  Labyrinth of Nightmare changed Power Breaker back to Attack Position.


Bogli drew Doomcaliber Knight.  He Summoned Doomcaliber Knight and traded it off in battle with Power Breaker.  His two Tokens traded position.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Winged Rhynos and attacked the face-down Mandragora: Bogli read his Covering Fire for a moment, then let the Mandragora go.  At the end of the turn, Winged Rhynos went to Defense Position.


Boglin drew Lucky Iron Axe and Summoned Truckroid, attacking to destroy Winged Rhynos!  It equipped to Truckroid, boosting it to 2800 ATK.  Labyrinth turned everything to the opposite position.




Perinpanayagam Summoned Zombyra the Dark, attacking to destroy the buffed Truckroid.  Zombyra went to Defense Position in the End Phase.  Perinpanayagam had four cards in hand but nothing in his backrow, likely due to Stealthray.


Bogli drew The Fiend Megacyber, and he Tributed a Mecha Phantom Beast Token to Tribute Summon it!  He Flip Summoned Stealthray, attacked over Zombyra with Megacyber, then made a direct attack with Stealthray for another Mecha Phantom Beast Token.    Everything went to Defense Position.


Perinpanayagam drew to five in hand: he had 7250 Life Points left.  He Summoned Evilswarm Salamandra, banished Winged Rhynos and Zombyra to boost Salamandra to 2450 ATK until the end of Bogli’s next turn, and attacked to destroy The Fiend Megacyber.  In the End Phase it shifted to Defense Position, while Stealthray and the Tokens went to attack.


Bogli drew Ribbon of Rebirth.  Labyrinth turned everything to Defense Position.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Aye-Iron, attacking to destroy both Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens.  He Set one card to his backrow and both monsters went to Defense Position.


Bogli drew Shrink and Set it.  He turned Stealthray to Attack Position, so Labyrinth would turn it back to Defense Position.


Perinpanayagam equipped Gravity Axe – Grarl to Evilswarm Salamandra, then activated Release Restraint Wave!  Bogli Chained his Shrink, targeting Salamandra, then lost Covering Fire.  Perinpanayagam equipped Malevolent Nuzzler to Aye-Iron, attacking over Stealthray, then made a direct attack with Salamandra for 925 Battle Damage.  He Set another backrow card, then Labyrinth turned everything to Defense Position.


Bogli got Dimension Slice and Set it.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Blade Knight and banished a Rhynos for Evilswarm Salamandra, attacking with all three monsters to take the second Duel!




Harison Perinpanayagam takes Game 2 with a string of powerful attackers, battling through countless Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens after a not-so-hot Redraw for Joe Bogli!  This last Duel would decide the Match.


Bogli had Gene-Warped Warwolf; Union Attack; Drillroid; Labyrinth of Nightmare; Beast King Barbaros; and Big Shield Gardna.  He Summoned Warwolf and Set Labyrinth and Attack.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Winged Rhynos, Set one card to his backrow, and ended.  Bogli flipped Labyrinth in the End Phase and Perinpanayagam bounced his Rhynos.


Bogli drew Sergeant Electro, a card he’d prioritized over a stack of others when he was drafting.  He Summoned it, used it to lock down Perinpanayagam’s single backrow card, and then attacked for 3600 Battle Damage!  As long as Sergeant Electro survived, Perinpanayagam wouldn’t be able to use that card.  Both monsters went to Defense Position with Labyrinth.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Revival Jam and attacked over Gene-Warped Warwolf, then turned it to Defense Position.


Bogli drew The Fiend Megacyber and Summoned Drillroid.  He turned Sergeant Electro to attack, then attacked with it to destroy Revival Jam.  Perinpanayagam paid 1000 Life Points to bring back Revival Jam in his next Standby Phase, and Bogli attacked for 1600 Battle Damage.


Perinpanayagam brought back his Revival Jam and Normal Summoned Winged Rhynos, attacking Drillroid: Bogli had no answer, and lost both his monsters to two consecutive attacks.


He drew Twin-Headed Behemoth next turn.  He Special Summoned Megacyber, then Normal Summoned Beast King BarbarosThe Fiend Megacyber attacked to destroy Winged Rhynos, and Barbaros attacked Revival Jam: Perinpanayagam paid another 1000 Life Points to go down to 800 LP.  Bogli’s monsters shifted to Defense Position.


Perinpanayagam brought back his Revival Jam and Summoned Twin-Headed Behemoth, clearing both monsters in battle.  He Set another Spell or Trap and both monsters went to Defense Position.


Bogli drew Shrink and Set it, then Set Big Shield Gardna.


Perinpanayagam Summoned Evilswarm Salamandra, boosted it to 2150 ATK, and attacked into Big Shield Gardna!  Bogli flipped Shrink during damage calculation, and Perinpanayagam couldn’t flip his Reverse Trap in that part of the battle!  Salamandra was reduced to 1225 ATK, slammed into Big Shield’s 2600 DEF for 1375 damage, and since Peri had only 800 Life Points left, that was it!  The Match was over!




Joe Bogli was outmatched on the field, but a clever bluff with Big Shield Gardna lets him take the Match on defense with Shrink!  How cool was that?  Bogli moves on to the Top 8!