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Top 32 Feature Match: Patrick Guilfoyle Versus Gabriel Andrade

March 23rd, 2014

Last round we showed you Gabriel Andrade’s Ghostrick Madolche Deck, and now here in the Top 32 he’s up against Patrick Guilfoyle with Fire Kings!  Both of these Duelists had won their way to the Playoff Rounds with rogue strategies, but only one could make it to the Top 16.  Which one would it be?  Ghostrick Madolches or Fire Kings?!  We were about to find out.


Andrade opened the Match with Madolche Messengelato; Mistake; Trap Stun; Madolche Hootcake; Madolche Ticket, and Ghostrick Mary.  He Set Mistake, Trap Stun, and Ticket.


Guilfoyle drew a card with Upstart Goblin, then Set four cards to his backrow.


Andrade drew another Hootcake, then flipped Ticket and Normal Summoned Messengelato.  He attacked into Mirror Force, and Guilfoyle Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Ticket!  Messengelato went back to Andrade’s Deck.


Guilfoyle activated Fire Formation – Tenki, but Andrade Chained Mistake!  Guilfoyle Normal Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark to made a direct attack, and when Andrade took the damage he activated Ghostrick Mary’s effect to Special Summon Ghostrick Jiangshi in face-down Defense Position.  “Ghostrick Madolche,” remarked Guilfoyle.  “I’ve heard about this.”


Andrade drew Madolche Magileine, activated Trap Stun, and Guilfoyle Chained Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce away Jiangshi.  Andrade Normal Summoned Madolche Hootcake, banished Mary to Special Summoned Madolche Messengelato, and used its ability to search Madolche Chateau.  He activated it, then attacked over Wolfbark with Messengelato.  Hootcake made a direct attack to drop Guilfoyle to 5600 Life Points.


Guilfoyle Set another Spell or Trap.


Andrade drew Mystical Space Typhoon and Summoned Ghostrick Jiangshi, overlaying it with Hootcake to Xyz Summon M-X-Saber Invoker.  Andrade activated its effect; Guilfoyle Chained Fiendish Chain; and Andrade Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it and force through his effect!  That let him Special Summon another Madolche Messengelato, overlaying for Madolche Queen Tiaramisu!  He targeted his Hootcake and Ticket, as well as Tenki and Guilfoyle’s last Set card, and sent them all back to their owner’s decks, save Hootcake which he took to his hand with Chateau’s effect.  He made direct attacks with Tiaramisu and Invoker, and when Guilfoyle drew his next card he conceded immediately!




Patrick Guilfoyle has answers in the face of Trap Stun, but it’s just not enough!  The draws he needed seem to elude him, while Gabriel Andrade’s strategy comes together in a flash to take Game 1!  It was a tricky situation for Guilfoyle, who still didn’t really know what Deck he was up against.


Guilfoyle opened Game 2 Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark and Set three cards to his backrow.


Andrade had Ghostrick Jiangshi; two Madolche Ticket; Effect Veiler; Mirror Force; and Madolche Messengelato.  He Set Jiangshi and Mirror Force.


Guilfoyle drew for his turn, then flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away Mirror Force.  He activated Generation Shift next, destroying his Coach Soldier Wolfbark and searching another from his Deck!  “I don’t like doing it, but I’ve done it like, four times today,” Guilfoyle remarked.  He Summoned that Wolfbark, but lost its effect to Effect Veiler, Setting two more cards to his backrow.


Andrade drew Full House!  Might be a rough call for this matchup since Andrade plays so few Fire Formations, but time would tell.  He activated Chateau, then Ticket, then Normal Summoned Madolche Messengelato, but lost it to Bottomless Trap Hole.  He Flip Summoned Jiangshi, searching Ghostrick Mary from his Deck and flipping Jiangshi face-down.


Guilfoyle drew a card with Upstart Goblin, then activated Wolfbark’s effect to bring back his first copy.  He overlaid them for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King, searching his Deck for Fire Formation – Tenki and flipping it to search out Fire King Avatar Yaksha.  Now Andrade knew what he was playing against!  Guilfoyle Summoned Yaksha, attacked, and destroyed Jiangshi; Andraded searched Ghostrick Jackfrost.  When Guilfoyle attacked with Tiger King, Andrade turned it face-down with Jackfrost.




Andrade drew another Jiangshi!  He Set it.


Guilfoyle attacked the Jackfrost with Yaksha, then attacked the second Jiangshi with Tiger King: Andrade got another Ghostrick Jackfrost.  Guilfoyle Set a card, then entered his End Phase: Andrade flipped that Full House!  He targeted Guilfoyle’s three face-downs, his Tenki, and his own Madolche Ticket.  Guilfoyle lost his Tenki, Circle of the Fire Kings, Full House, and Dark Hole!




Andrade drew a second Ghostrick Mary and passed.


Guilfoyle Summoned another Fire King Yaksha, and Andrade stopped the attack by Special Summoning Jackfrost: Guilfoyle Chained Maxx “C” so he’d at least draw a card for it.  Yaksha attacked to destroy the Jackfrost, then Tiger King made a direct hit: that knocked Andrade down to 6800 Life Points, letting him Special Summon Jiangshi with Ghostrick Mary.  Guilfoyle had three cards left in hand, and he Set one.


Andrade drew Madolche Hootcake, then Flip Summoned Ghostrick Jiangshi to get another Ghostrick Mary.  He Summoned Hootcake to banish Jiangshi, and Guilfoyle Chained another Maxx “C”.  Andrade Special Summoned Madolche Messengelato, searching Madolchepalooza from his Deck to his hand, then overlaid Jiangshi and Hootcake for Leviair the Sea Dragon.  He activated its effect to Special Summon another Madolche Messengelato, Xyz Summoned Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, and returned Messengelato and Hootcake from his Graveyard to his Deck to send away Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King and Guilfoyle’s Set backrow.  Guilfoyle had no response!




He attacked Yaksha with Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, triggering Yaksha’s effect and letting Guilfoyle destroy his Fire King High Avatar Garunix.  Leviair attacked, and Andrade Set one Spell or Trap Card.


Guilfoyle brought back Garunix to clear Tiaramisu and Leviair, then activated Fire Formation – Tenki to search out Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear!  He had five cards in hand, to Andrade’s four cards plus one Set.  Guilfoyle followed up with Rekindling, bringing back his two Yakshas and Normal Summoning Fire King Avatar Barong!  He attacked with Yaksha; Andrade flipped Madolchepalooza; and Andrade Special Summoned Hootcake and Messengelato!  Garunix attacked Messengelato for 600 damage, then labored over the decision of whether or not to attack the Hootcake.  Guilfoyle thought through his options before moving to Main Phase 2, overlaying the Rekindled Yakshas for Diamond Dire Wolf.  He destroyed his Barong with Dire Wolf’s ability, destroying Madolche Chateau, then Special Summoned another Yaksha from his hand off Barong’s effect.  He Set a Spell or Trap, and in the End Phase Hootcake was sent back to Andrade’s Deck!


Andrade drew Madolche Hootcake, and Guilfoyle got Onslaught of the Fire Kings from his Deck in the Standby Phase, resolving Barong’s ability.  Andrade had the Hootcake, Madolche Messengelato, and two Ghostrick Mary.  The Duel stood at 7100 Life Points to 6200, with Guilfoyle narrowly leading.  Andrade Normal Summoned Hootcake to banish Madolche Messengelato and Special Summon Madolche Mewfeuille.  He Xyz Summoned Mechquipped Angineer and ended.


Guilfoyle Normal Summoned Bear, then flipped Circle of the Fire Kings to destroy Yaksha and Special Summon Wolfbark!  That let him Special Summon Yaksha back, and he overlaid it with Wolfbark to unleash Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King.  That got him another Tenki, which he activated to search another Barong, and he activated Tiger King’s ability: Andrade Chained Angineer’s ability, shifting it to Defense Position and shielding it from destruction.  Guilfoyle Set one card to his backrow.


Andrade drew Trap Stun and turned Angineer back to Attack Position.  He Set Mary.


Guilfoyle activated Diamond Dire Wolf’s effect, destroying his Tiger King and Andrade’s Trap Stun.  He popped the Set Mary with Bear’s effect, then Normal Summoned Barong to Xyz Summon Number 50: Blackship of Corn. He detached to send Mechquipped Angineer to the Graveyard, dropping Andrade to 5200 Life Points, then attacked with Garunix and Diamond Dire Wolf to leave Andrade with 500 Life Points.  He conceded moments later!




Patrick Guilfoyle fights back to take a dominant Game 2 win, pressing our Top 32 Feature Match to one more Duel!  The pressure was on: the winner here would be headed to the Draft Play rounds, while the loser would be headed home.


Andrade started off our final Duel with two Ghostrick Mary; Madolche Messengelato; Ghostrick Jackfrost; Madolche Hootcake; and Madolchepalooza.  He Set the Trap Card and passed.


Guilfoyle blew it away with Mystical Space Typhoon, then Summoned Fire King Avatar Yaksha, dishing out damage and triggering Andrade’s Ghostrick Mary.  He Special Summoned Ghostrick Jiangshi, and Guilfoyle ended.


Andrade drew Compulsory Evacuation Device and Flip Summoned Ghostrick Jiangshi to fetch another Ghostrick Jackfrost.  He Summoned Hootcake, banished Ghostrick Mary from his Graveyard for Madolche Messengelato, and Guilfoyle drew a card Chaining Maxx “C”.  Messengelato got him Madolche Chateau and he flipped Jiangshi face-down.  He attacked with Messengelato to destroy Yaksha, then Set Compulsory.


Guilfoyle Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark, and Andraded kicked it back with Compulsory Evacuation Device.  Guilfoyle Set a second Spell or Trap Card and activated Rekindling, bringing back Yaksha to attack Madolche Hootcake, destroying Yaksha, then destroying the Barong from his hand.


Andrade drew another Madolche Hootcake, and Guilfoyle searched his Deck for Onslaught of the Fire Kings with Barong’s effect.  Andrade Flip Summoned Jiangshi to get another Ghostrick Mary, then Normal Summoned another Messengelato.  He overlaid both for Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, shuffling back his Madolchepalooza and Messengelato to clear Guilfoyle’s entire field.  He attacked with Hootcake, Jiangshi, and Tiaramisu, bringing Guilfoyle down to 400 Life Points!  He overlaid for Mechquipped Angineer in Main Phase 2.


Guilfoyle drew to three cards and activated Onslaught for Fire King High Avatar Garunix!  He had two cards and Garunix to Andrade’s five cards in hand, Mechquipped Angineer, Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, and Madolche Chateau; he was brutally outmatched in terms of sheer options.  He Normal Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark to bring back Fire King Avatar Yaksha, Xyz Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King to get Fire Formation – Tenki, then flipped it to search another Wolfbark!  He activated Tiger King’s effect, prompting Andraded to Chain Angineer’s ability once more, protecting itself.  He Set a card to his backrow and destroyed Garunix in the End Phase.


It came back next turn; Andrade Chained his Angineer’s ability to try and protect Madolche Queen Tiaramisu; and Guilfoyle negated the attempt with Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King!  Every monster on the field but Garunix was destroyed.  Andrade had Madolche Hootcake; two Ghostrick Jackfrost; two Ghostrick Mary; and Full House.  He Set Full House, ended, and lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon.


Guilfoyle activated Upstart Goblin, drew, and Summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark to Special Summon back another.  He Xyz Summoned another Tiger King, got his last Tenki, and flipped it to search Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear.  Tiger King attacked and Andrade took the damage.  He took the damage from Garunix, too, pitching Ghostrick Mary to Special Summon Ghostrick Jiangshi.  Guilfoyle Set one card to his backrow to finish the turn.


Andrade drew Debunk and Flip Summoned Jiangshi without effect.  He Normal Summoned Madolche Hootcake , Special Summoned Madolche Messengelato, and searched Madolche Ticket.  He Xyz Summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon, Special Summoned back his Messengelato, and made Gagaga Cowboy for game!




Gabriel Andrade takes a hard-fought 2-1 victory with Ghostrick Madolches, qualifying for the Top 16!